Epoxy Flooring

At a friend’s house I saw a beautiful white resin floor that appeared low gloss or more matte than the typical high gloss epoxy floor. It also had a bit of texture to it, almost like sand but much finer. Not like the no-slip gritty industrial stuff and kind of a soft texture. My friend said that he found the installers of the epoxy flooring online and it was an Italian product that could be custom colored and was painted on in many layers, over a few days, and then took a day for the fumes to disappear. It was put on over existing tile.

They are a provider for all residential, commercial, and industrial floor installation. They also make many different types of epoxy floors – decorative flake, shop floor, metallic epoxy and urethane cement. Some are glossy, harder, some are more matte,  flexible, exterior, interior, etc. They have standard colors on their website. It should take a few days to install and can be poured over existing floors.

Another friend had astonishing results! Their garage floor had some big cracks that were wide and uneven in height. Also had stains and grudge from decades of use. They are really  nice guys and were very professional in communicating the restoration process.  Honestly, my friend was merely hoping for a patch job and nice paint to make look a little better – but the crew spent a lot of time flattening the concrete cracks with a special a grinder.  Cracks were filled with patch, then floor was painted and a day later epoxied. The garage floor is unrecognizable – flat, clean and beautiful. This is a no-brainer in terms of return and value on an inexpensive investment. They were extremely professional, and the crew did an amazing 2-day job on this huge garage.

Its been almost 1 year since the work was completed, and it has been PERFECT!  A huge win – competitive pricing, best warranty,  professional epoxy floor quality. Highly recommended!

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Heating and Cooling in Indianapolis

Two months ago, my friend used heating and cooling in Indianapolis when their AC stopped cooling and they refilled the unit with Freon.  She called them and they we’re the most polite. Speaking with the receptionist alone convinced my friend in getting their unit finally repaired and maintained. They sent a tech that was more nicer then ever. The servicer knew what he was talking about when he saw my friend’s old unit. He had all the tools and skills for this job. Within a few minutes the servicer had diagnosed the problem and offered a solution. The servicer was very thorough and explained everything to my friend and the repair went as he said it would.  He also provided a free service cleaning of the unit.  It turned out it had a leak. (The servicer did warn my friend before replacing the Freon that the servicer couldn’t tell if it had a leak and if they added the Freon it might not work.)

There was a leak and because it happened so quickly the servicer replaced the freon free of charge and he said that he will try to repair the leak (& advised my friend to replace) even if is such an old unit (1990) and the leak somewhat large. Since my friend is not the homeowner she wasn’t gonna do that.  Their landlady ended up getting it repaired by heating and cooling in Indianapolis after a few days. They can fix things that honestly shouldn’t be fixed, since she didn’t want to replace the AC. It actually is still working, shockingly. I’m sure these guys would do well with any AC unit from this century.


I would definitely recommend calling heating and cooling for your AC repair needs. Great job guys. You guys deserve the five stars for sure.

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Building Cost Estimator

house cost estimatorI never thought that I would be satisfied using an online estimating application service provider on the internet, but after having remodeled our house I had a great urge to share with others of the wonderful building cost estimator. It was recommended to by a Master Estimator that have been using it for years with great accuracy and results. It provides the most secure, accessible comprehensive, affordable, detailed home cost estimate, which very easy to use and very fast. It is useful to the construction markets, professional home design and most especially to consumers.

You can get the cost of building a house or the cost of remodeling your house right at your home on your computer.  The contractor and his team just completed the interior remodel of my home.  We contracted him back in May when we were purchasing our home and after getting a remodeling estimation cost using the building cost estimator app.  At the time my wife was pregnant and very concerned with timing and making sure we could move into the new home ASAP to prepare for the baby.

house cost estimator

The contractor promised us a time frame that was very aggressive (we have a friend who is a contractor out of town and told us that he did not believe in the team of our contractor  that would meet the time frame by months). They did in fact meet the time frame (I think he actually beat it by a week).  His guys were on site every day (including some holidays and weekends) and he also visited the project site on a daily basis.  They did great work, and in the few cases when we didn’t feel the work was up to par, he was always responsive and brought his subcontractors out to fix the work.  My family has dealt with house remodelingremodels before and it has always been a stressful process between the huge time delays, unexpected costs and usually the invoicing/payment process is confusing.  We didn’t run into any of these issues with our contractor – his contract and invoices were clear and organized, he was always on time and although unexpected items came up (as they do when you open up walls and find things you were not expecting) he worked with us to minimize the un-budgeted costs and was very fair.  They aren’t the cheapest contractor out there, but they have good value, good construction, very responsive and with a hassle free project. They are wonderful!  We are actually planning to use them again for a remodel of the outside of our house (as soon as we can afford it!)

living room


Music Room design

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Westerville Homes For Sale

If you’re looking for a place in this area (the best part of Westerville btw), then congrats, because you’re almost done! He is honestly the only realtor service you will need.

My my friend and his wife searched all over their favorite (and not so favorite) parts of Westerville to find a new home, and if you’ve ever done that, then you know how frustrating and time consuming the process gets. Other realtors and brokers will take you around to view dozens of Westerville homes for sale, making it seem like they’re doing a lot of work, but in fact they’re just wasting time looking at their cell phones while you’re left wondering if they even heard a word you’ve said about what you are looking for. Enough about them though…

Westerville homes for sale

What you will get from this realtor is someone who listens, understands, relates, then finds you the place you’re going to love living in.

My friend and his wife didn’t spend a whole weekend browsing nightmares, because the realtor asked the right questions. He listened and understood what my friends wanted, then showed them just one house that was perfect for them. They went for the place, the owners first had some understandable concerns about my friends finances, but the realtor went to bat for my friends, set up a meeting so the owners could meet my friends, and they of course ended up getting the house they were dreaming of.

Westerville homes for sale

To top it off, the realtor follows up to see if my friends are still liking our place and the neighborhood. Yes to all those, and Yes to having the best broker in Westerville!

They loved their experience with the realtor. Having dealt with a handful of other brokers and realtors in the area, my friend had a bad taste in his mouth walking into any broker’s office. But the realtor completely changed my friend’s view of the whole house hunting experience. My friends said the realtor was so helpful, completely straightforward, and just an all around good guy. He never pressured my friends to make a decision or to sign paperworks. My friends said that the realtor was a delight to work with and you won’t regret it!

Westerville homes for sale

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Chromium Contamination

Chromium is a naturally occurring heavy metal that is commonly used in industrial processes and can cause severe health effects in humans.

There have been very few times that I have worked with companies that are up-front, positive, and work hard to please their customers. This was one of those times. Very happy. Professional and fast. They gave me full info on the procedure and the costs, from the initial contact on the phone. No surprises; nothing hidden. They emailed me their insurance coverage info immediately, upon my asking.  They helped me find a time that worked for me – they were very flexible and worked around my schedule. When the workers got there they were all very hard-working – they worked with a great sense of urgency all while remaining personable and very easy to work with. If you have chromium contamination or if you need any toxic stuff removed from your home, office, apartment, etc etcetera – I would absolutely recommend. They were a delight and I will be using them the next time I need stuff removed.

chromium-contaminated field in Kanpur, India

Lifesavers!  Wonderful combination of meticulous and caring, this amazing team. Made the process easier, simpler, faster and so very thorough that I don’t know how to thank them. They set-up very careful containment areas, worked with us to phase it all in so we could live in part of the house while they worked on other parts. The proposal detailed the scope of work clearly, and they went above and beyond on making sure all areas of work were clean and completely free of dust and debris at all times.


They shared their expertise and experience with us, was very helpful with pointing out discoveries, and confirmation and documentation of contamination presence with photos during the process of removals. They provided us with technical details of what to specify to our contractor for the repair work in terms of long-term prevention of any contamination, and this was invaluable in making the reconstruction process efficient as well.


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Hanover Massachusetts Painters

My cousin hired Hanover Massachusetts painters to paint their entire apartment right before she had her baby. She was super pregnant and super grumpy. Hanover Massachusetts painters has excellent employees. My cousin’s place was always livable at the end of the work day and they were very considerate and easy to have in her home.  They also would communicate when they were going to be there, if they had any questions, etc. They were very easy to work with and they worked easily with my sister during the entire process.

The work Hanover Massachusetts painters did was great (granted my cousin’s friend just painted everything white) and they didn’t go over what they quoted her from the beginning.

Hanover Massachusetts Painters

All in all it was an pleasant experience and Hanover Massachusetts painters and their guys helped create a wonderful clean space to make a home for my  cousin’s baby. It looked like a new apartment when all was finished. They were completely professional. My cousin had initially had three estimates and Hanover Massachusetts painters estimate was the most detailed and professional one.   They kept my cousin posted throughout and answered all her questions patiently as painting a house was completely new to her.  The end results were beyond our expectations and needless to say my cousin was thrilled when she came home and continue to rave about Hanover Massachusetts painters.

Hanover Massachusetts Painters

Hanover Massachusetts painters

Also my cousin’s neighbor recently had the exterior of their house painted by Hanover Massachusetts painters and are very happy with the result. They are extremely knowledgeable about their field.
Their crew could not have been more pleasant to work with, always arriving when they said they would, and keeping my cousin’s informed about what was being done each step of the way. They did an incredible amount of sanding, patching, treating nails, etc, and still finished the job on time. They even finished cutting down the vines the neighbor couldn’t reach, at no extra cost to them. They left the property looking really good– The neighbor were especially pleased that all the windows were left sparkling.
Oh, and all of this at a very competitive price.

Hanover Massachusetts Painters

Hanover Massachusetts painters

I know that they will definitely be my cousin and her friend’s first choice for all painting jobs in Hanover Massachusetts!

I’d recommend Hanover Massachusetts painters and his company.

Hanover Massachusetts Painters

Hanover Massachusetts painters

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Artificial Turf Peoria AZ

Agape Turf transformed my friends ‘ugliest back yard in the world’ to an oasis that draws them outside for hours every day.

They have retired in the husband’s childhood home, built in 1940, in Peoria. My friends have done a lot of work on the inside but the back yard remained a long, flat, sandy expanse. Recently they’ve resolved to work on it, interviewed 4 landscape contractors, and thankfully choose artificial turf Peoria AZ. Agape Turf agreed with my friends idea of a slate patio and a meandering path leading to a smaller patio in the back. They have talented stone worker, took irregular slate slabs, laid them out like a jigsaw puzzle, and then began the tedious cutting process and laid out not only the patios and winding path, but an additional spot for a slate bench (which he made), for my friends bird- watching, as well as a place for my the husband’s herb garden.

artificial turf

Agape Turf and his plant ‘maestro’ went to work. They laid 4 huge, rolling, raised beds containing a myriad of trees, bushes, flowering pants, and succulents laced among interesting rocks and stones. Their plant maestro is an artist who places each plant and stone with the greatest care. They are true geniuses for their designs as well as their ability to follow through to ‘make it happen’ and to incorporate their client’s needs. All of them are hard workers who are truly invested in making their clients the most lovely space possible.

The real test was to show the results to my friends son, who lived in the house for a while, and the sister-in-law, who grew up in the house. They were truly in awe of the transformation, and found it almost impossible to believe that this was the same yard. The phrase, ‘work of art’ was spoken many times.

The husband and wife whole-heartedly recommend Agape Turf and their crew. Not only is my friends yard beautiful, but the plants are guaranteed for 2 years, and the long lasting wear and year round beauty of the artificial turf. The price for it was competitive, and the work completed as quickly as weather and the holidays allowed. You just cannot do any better!

artificial turfartificial turf

artificial turfartificial turf

Another friend also tried Agape Turf after seeing what they’ve done to our friends back yard. Back in the early summer of 2013, my friend Simon was contacting various landscapers for their backyard project, some of whom were referrals from friends or professionals.  Very few called back.  Agape Turf, was one of the ones who called back promptly. They scheduled a consultation pretty quickly, and they scheduled the project soon thereafter.  During the project itself, Agape Turf communicated options to my friend whenever they arose, and they quickly called back whenever my friend had questions or things to talk about.  I should note that during one week of the project, my friend was out of town, and so this communication was key.

Second, Agape Turf landscaping design and installation work.  In looking for a landscaping professional, my friend wanted someone who could come up with ideas despite vague and often unknowledgeable input from my friend, the client.  My friend is far from an expert in this area and don’t have much time to do things himself, and he therefore needed someone who could think of ideas that fit his general preferences and style.  From his uninspiring mulch-covered backyard, Agape Turf created a very peaceful outdoor family room, with a slate garden, a beautiful moss rock wall that looks like it had been there forever, ipe and slate benches, new foliage including a new Japanese maple as the centerpiece, and, per our choice after Agape Turf’s consultation and suggestion, a low-maintenance and artificial grass play area for my friend’s daughter.  Agape Turf also added a drip irrigation system, lighting to highlight the foliage at night, and timers for both.  Agape Turf work reflected the vision that my friend had expressed to him, made better by Agape Turf’s knowledge of what would look and work best with the existing backyard that my friend had.  And importantly, Agape Turf gave my friend a beautiful, low maintenance backyard that they could use for relaxing, entertaining, or playing with their daughter and their dog.

artificial turf

Third, Agape Turf’s professional and courteous service.  In addition to being responsive and communicative, Agape Turf offered great ideas, like having a water feature that my friend chose not to do, without pushing them or pressuring.  My friend always felt like he was getting the work that he chose to have done.  My friend also felt that Agape Turf went the extra mile in their work.  For example, Agape Turf spent more time, effort, and money on their end (when their contract was already fixed) to get a perfectly-shaped and beautiful Japanese maple tree for their yard.  Agape Turf and their workers manually carried that tree up our back steps and through a narrow gate to get the tree placed, and that was hard work.  My friend know because he voluntarily helped.  Another example is Agape Turf’s work on my friend’s deck.  Agape Turf repainted their deck to compliment their backyard, and although my friend didn’t expect it, Agape Turf also offered to paint additional decking on the side of the house that was not part of the backyard.  My friend very much appreciated that.  Finally, Agape Turf was visibly courteous and respectful to their crew, who my friend thought they treated as partners in the work effort.  The crew were both great, and my friend could tell that they respected everyone and enjoyed working for Agape Turf.

artificial turf

Finally, Agape Turf is a very nice and personable guy, my friend thought their were easy to be around and very pleasant to work with.  Their are also  very honest and trustworthy, which was important to my friend due to budget issues and the time he was away from home during the project.

I would highly recommend Agape Turf to anyone who, like all of us, wants to have a peaceful and beautiful backyard.  My friend was not one who was looking for a zen space in their house or anything of that spiritual variety, but he certainly got one, as well as a backyard that he is now very happy with.

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Heating Repair Mesa AZ

Heat went out during a cold snap.  Ain’t that always the way?  Oh, it was also the week before christmas and Dad was on his way to town.  After a quick review search, I realized I would end up hiring which ever company could come out first.  Norris Air, Inc was my first call and they had a high “diagnosis only service call” quote ($135). After calling 5 more companies I ended up keeping my initial ONE WEEK LATER appt. Norris Air, Inc was the most highly rated companies I found, but also the only ones who could come out before the New Year.

heating repair

The woman from heating repair Mesa AZ who scheduled the call was efficient and gave me all the info I expected.  I got a 1-3 time slot on Dec 22. Corey Davila showed up a little early, for which I was grateful – keeping Dad cooped around the house for the holiday was not ideal!

Corey came in, took a moment to intro himself to my dog (putting the dog at ease …which I appreciated) then offered to put on shoe coverings, and then got to work.  He checked out the indoor stuff and then crawled under the house to the heater.  After a few, he popped out with a broken part in his hand.  Gave me a quote to replace it and was very clear that it could just be the first of several things that might be broken.  He explained he wouldn’t be able to check the status of the blower until he replaced the “run cap”.  He had the part.  he replaced it – and the heat started blowing!

heating repair

All Done in less than an hour.  Total bill after $25 off coupon = $205.  I could not have asked for a better outcome.

He let me know my furnace generally looked good and recommended when I was ready to replace there are much more efficient options Norris Air, Inc could install.  Apparently duct tape doesn’t actually seal ducts so mine are pretty leaky.  Stupid duct tape – take that McGuyver!

So – my heat was broken.  Corey from Norris Air, Inc fixed it.  Prompt, efficient, professional and polite.  All I could ask for really.  I will def consider this company in the future. Corey Davila is a friendly, conscientious guy and he just happens to be a great heating professional as well!

heating repair
My neighbor also had a good experience with them. Their old old 1970’s furnace went out the week before Christmas so they did a quick search on the internet and found a local HVAC outfit (not Norris Air, Inc) to come out and take a look. They did come out and recommended a full furnace replacement but were too busy to do it immediately. They recommended Norris Air, Inc.

heating repair

My neighbors are so glad they did. Nathan showed up immediately and asked what my neighbors was interested in doing rather than going straight for what he would recommend. My neighbor was inclined just to fix the existing unit until they could save up more cash for a full replacement later in the year. Nathan went down and started doing a thorough evaluation.  He came back and walked my neighbors through the pros and cons of fixing the unit. Then he walked my neighbors through the pros and cons of replacing the unit. My neighbor is an options guy. My neighbors asked lots of questions about different ends of the choice spectrum to hone in on the best solution for them. Nathan was VERY patient. He explained the unit specs for different models he recommends (different energy efficiency, size, cost, different rebate amounts, etc).  Nathan was excellent at helping my neighbors understand the tax rebates that my neighbors will get and the types of furnaces to maximize those credits (next year my neighbors will get $1500 back from the govt). It became obvious that fixing the unit was just throwing money away so my neighbors decided to go with a full replacement.

heating repair

The only drawback was that the model my neighbors chose had to be ordered and wouldn’t arrive for several weeks. Nathan was very clear on the timing (My neighbors think he was nervous that they’d freeze without some kind of heating). Well, my neighbors managed through the cold spells (extra blankets and a space heater were all that was needed). When the time came to install Nathan and his assistant were able to reroute all the ductwork, cut and new air intake hole in the floor, and install the furnace in two days. That’s fast. Nathan also (at no prompting) offered to upgrade our thermostat free of charge in the next few heating repairmonths since a better one was about to come out (he installed a plain one for the time being). My neighbor couldn’t be happier with the work that Nathan did relative to quality, professionalism, and looking out for my neighbors interest as well as his own. My neighbor whole heartedly recommend  Norris Air, Inc for any HVAC job you might have.

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Columbus Furnace Installers

furnace installation

Columbus furnace installers is a class act and an excellent HVAC professional company. From the moment they first came out to survey my brother’s project and provided a bid, my brother knew he could count on them to get the job done.

My brother’s job was a complete removal of an old asbestos furnace and  ducts. They did everything promptly as scheduled. My brother was the untimely one because he was doing some work in the garage and asked Columbus furnace installers to come back and finish the final vents to his downstairs rooms after he was done. They didn’t have a problem with waiting, and came out months later to complete the work.

furnace installation


During my brother’s project, one of the handymen cut the furnace wire, unbeknownst to me. My brother couldn’t get the furnace to turn on so he called Columbus furnace installers to see if they could help my brother while he was paying an electrician to troubleshoot. Columbus furnace installers promptly called back and tried to help. They promised to have a 48 hour turnaround to send someone out to see what was going on. This was around 2pm.

furnace installation

Amazingly, Columbus furnace installers called at 7:30pm and came out at 8pm that evening to see what was going on. Within 10 minutes he examined the motherboard, tested the wires and the thermostat, and found the culprit spliced wire in my garage roof. He fixed the wire, and voila! Everything worked! Now that is service and a hard working man.furnace installation

I highly recommend Columbus furnace installers. At the end of the day, it’s all about service and being responsive to customer’s needs. I cannot recommend these guys enough. My brother is thankful to them because he have a lovely forced-air furnace that makes his house just the right kind of toasty.  From start to finish, they did a fantastic job.

furnace installation

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Builderscape Inc. did an awesome job to our backyard!  We really enjoyed working with the Builderscape Inc. team for a major landscaping project in our backyard.  We really only had a rough sketch of what we wanted (stone walkways, built in bbq, etc), but the Builderscape team was very helpful with the design of the backyard and coming up with creative ideas about what would look nice and fit well in our space. They were also very patient with my husband and I – we probably changed our minds 4 or 5 times about major decisions and it was never a problem.

paver patio


They made and designed mostly all of the beautiful Columbus Paver Patios that’s why we hired them.  The actual work was completed on schedule and looks great – They ended up building a raised patio section with pavers for a patio table, a stone wall to support a flower bed, a built in bbq, another flat paver section bordering our lawn, a drainage system along the side of my house, and timed lighting throughout the backyard.  Everything is constructed very well and we didn’t have any problems during construction or since completion. We have received so many compliments on how great our backyard looks!

paver patio

The Builderscape Inc. team is very easy to work with – at one point in the project the electrician came back with a higher price than anticipated for our bbq island, and the team split the extra cost with us – I thought that was very nice of them.  We are planning on landscaping our front yard at some point over the next year or two and will definitely hire Builderscase Inc. again for that project.

I had eight (8) different landscapers/designers come to my house in a two week period and gave me estimates for my backyard project.  My wife and I didn’t have a big budget and we wanted to not only get the most with what we had to spend, but we wanted quality workmanship and someone we can trust.

paver patio

The Builderscape team arrived at our house and provided us with an estimate, which was very reasonable and by far lower than some of the other companies out there.  We didn’t want to spend money on a designer so my wife actually drew what we wanted in our backyard on Microsoft paint.  The Builderscape team took a look at the drawing and gave us some suggestions to actually SAVE MONEY instead of like the other contractors who were trying to up sell us and spend more. Builderscape Inc. was the only one who didn’t sound like a salesman trying to play the high low game.  They provided us with the reasonable estimate, break down and start/end date.

When I purchased my house, my backyard was never landscaped and just an open area with dirt.  The project took approximately four weeks as promised and I was so impressed with their work during the course of the project. The other contractors stated they would “come by” during the work and “check” on their “employees.”  We went with Builderscape because the team leader stated he will do the work himself and he delivered as promised. I was very impressed on how detailed their work was.  We even went to the stores together to pick out the fire pit materials, stones, and trees they planted for us.

I highly recommend Builderscaoe and once again thank you very much, I look forward to working with you in the future.


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