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Epoxy Flooring

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

At a friend’s house I saw a beautiful white resin floor that appeared low gloss or more matte than the typical high gloss epoxy floor. It also had a bit of texture to it, almost like sand but much finer. Not like the no-slip gritty industrial stuff and kind of a soft texture. My friend said that he found the installers of the epoxy flooring online and it was an Italian product that could be custom colored and was painted on in many layers, over a few days, and then took a day for the fumes to disappear. It was put on over existing tile.

They are a provider for all residential, commercial, and industrial floor installation. They also make many different types of epoxy floors – decorative flake, shop floor, metallic epoxy and urethane cement. Some are glossy, harder, some are more matte,  flexible, exterior, interior, etc. They have standard colors on their website. It should take a few days to install and can be poured over existing floors.

Another friend had astonishing results! Their garage floor had some big cracks that were wide and uneven in height. Also had stains and grudge from decades of use. They are really  nice guys and were very professional in communicating the restoration process.  Honestly, my friend was merely hoping for a patch job and nice paint to make look a little better – but the crew spent a lot of time flattening the concrete cracks with a special a grinder.  Cracks were filled with patch, then floor was painted and a day later epoxied. The garage floor is unrecognizable – flat, clean and beautiful. This is a no-brainer in terms of return and value on an inexpensive investment. They were extremely professional, and the crew did an amazing 2-day job on this huge garage.

Its been almost 1 year since the work was completed, and it has been PERFECT!  A huge win – competitive pricing, best warranty,  professional epoxy floor quality. Highly recommended!

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