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Living the High Life

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

vignetteYou can still create a chic home in your high-rise. Here are a few style-savvy apartment ideas.

1. Treat your furniture like art objects. Bold, unusual furniture, whether they are designer pieces or vintage finds, are great accents in small apartments.
2. Try a neutral palette with dramatic touches of color. Make your apartment unit more spacious-looking with a neutral palette. Add small punches of color like plum, yellow and poppy-red in your accessories.
3. Go for deep sleep with a deep color. A monochromatic evening blue in the bedroom creates a soothing, sophisticated look that’s just right for rest and sleep.
4. Decorate with vignettes. Add personal style to your apartment by fixing up small vignettes for each nook, area and corner. Arrange lamps, vases, books and travel finds of different colors, textures and heights on tabletops and shelves to create a story.


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THE BAUHAUS ∞ Modernism Design Movement

Friday, September 11th, 2009

In the 1920’s a school of architecture and design emerged in Weimar and later in Dessau, Germany called Bauhaus or literally, “House of Building”. The school’s focus was on defining design for an emerging lifestyle dictated by social changes during the early 20th century such as liberalism, radical experimentation in the arts, and the abolition of censorship. The movement gained much prominence in Europe, specifically Germany, where one of its founders Walter Gropius dictated that art and architecture should have no distinction between form and function, thus literally transforming the architecture world into a style that is universal. Through Bauhaus, the International Style later emerged through its simple, clean lines, absence of ornamentation, and harmony between the function of an object or a building and its design.


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