Chromium Contamination

Chromium is a naturally occurring heavy metal that is commonly used in industrial processes and can cause severe health effects in humans.

There have been very few times that I have worked with companies that are up-front, positive, and work hard to please their customers. This was one of those times. Very happy. Professional and fast. They gave me full info on the procedure and the costs, from the initial contact on the phone. No surprises; nothing hidden. They emailed me their insurance coverage info immediately, upon my asking.  They helped me find a time that worked for me – they were very flexible and worked around my schedule. When the workers got there they were all very hard-working – they worked with a great sense of urgency all while remaining personable and very easy to work with. If you have chromium contamination or if you need any toxic stuff removed from your home, office, apartment, etc etcetera – I would absolutely recommend. They were a delight and I will be using them the next time I need stuff removed.

chromium-contaminated field in Kanpur, India

Lifesavers!  Wonderful combination of meticulous and caring, this amazing team. Made the process easier, simpler, faster and so very thorough that I don’t know how to thank them. They set-up very careful containment areas, worked with us to phase it all in so we could live in part of the house while they worked on other parts. The proposal detailed the scope of work clearly, and they went above and beyond on making sure all areas of work were clean and completely free of dust and debris at all times.


They shared their expertise and experience with us, was very helpful with pointing out discoveries, and confirmation and documentation of contamination presence with photos during the process of removals. They provided us with technical details of what to specify to our contractor for the repair work in terms of long-term prevention of any contamination, and this was invaluable in making the reconstruction process efficient as well.



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