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Toggle Clamps

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Toggle clamps are great. I have a couple of them but the only reason I do is because I stumbled upon a price I could not refuse (still not cheap). Being so costly, I’ve yet to fix them permanently on any one jig. Actually, toggle clamps have been around for quite some time and are used commonly in factories because of their fast and repeatable action. Toggles do suffer from needing to be adjusted to varying work piece thicknesses. It is really their fast action that is nice about them.

There are however all sorts of hold down clamping methods that are a lot cheaper. Just bend a flat bar and put a bolt with a knob though it. Just arrange it as a 1st or 2nd class lever, and you have affordable, albeit slow to set, hold downs. Cams are another way though these suffer from a very small work piece thickness range. Another one is to use a wedge which have a larger work piece thickness range but cannot apply large amounts of pressure.

There are lots of less expensive ways.
Toggle Clamps

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Name Badge

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Badges are important to let others know of your identity. It may be a way of showing your position in a company and of course a way to help people in a store or shop find an employee that will be able to assist or help them. Out in the streets, we see public servants show their IDs and badges so it is easy for people to identify them. In companies, big or small, they have their own personalized name badges that are unique to that company so people will be able to know if you work there or not. For security purposes, this will also help in keeping unauthorized persons from entering the facility.

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Friday, March 30th, 2012

There are some instances when a meeting is being held by top company profiles but some are not able to attend because of pressing issues within their own company or base of operations. Their solution is by conferencing which before was done only by phone. This time, there is a web conferencing solution that will allow people from different locations to hold a meeting while seeing each other. There are times that it is important to see who you are speaking with when doing business and being able to report issues and connect to colleagues. People want to see each other and are more confident that they are doing business with the right people when they see them. Conferencing has given businesses a chance to hold meetings with different branches while saving some time, effort and money with less travel time and costs.

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Medical Carts

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

So much has been improved by technology. We see computers and laptops being improved and updated every so often that their applications have become numerous. Even hospitals have medical equipment that monitors heartbeats with a clip placed on the finger. So many monitors have been created that even the slightest change in a part of the person’s body can be monitored. Not only are the computers improved but also their mobility for certain applications like the healthcare carts that can be used for emergencies. There are┬ácarts with their own power supplies that can be removed from the outlet and brought to the bed of a person in need. A very useful tool for helping those in the emergency room and even outside of the clinic or hospital. Such advancements in technology can really help those in need.

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Trade Exhibits

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

From time to time, we see different trade shows in malls or other areas featuring certain products and specialties. It is a time when a lot of different companies or producers showcase their products and services. A lot of times, the trade shows have a theme or feature certain types of products like pressure switches for bigger industries, computers or even vehicles. Every company has its own trade show booth that they have designed to be more attractive or can easily attract the attention of potential buyers. It is quite interesting going to trade shows to see the different enhancements and how technology has made its progress through different products.

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Barcode Scanner

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Big stores and groceries use a system that would enable them to update their inventories, tag their products and update their prices easily. When things were done manually, the price of each commodity was stuck on the product. If there was any change in the price, the old tag was taken away and a new one would be put on the product. These days the products have bar codes. When the bar codes are run through a barcode scanner, the code is checked in the system to find out what kind of product it is and what price it has. If there are changes in prices, only the database is changed but the product and its bar code remains the same. Updating would be faster and inventories are more accurate.

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Lockers and More

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

The floor plan of office spaces are often bereft of space, and a free-flowing yet functional room layout is limited by this constraint. To make sure that the employees’ things are kept safe and secure, Lockers are needed for most offices. Wooden Lockers indeed meet the functional requirements of most office spaces to maximize space and minimize clutter. Design authenticity in purchasing lockers is necessary to ensure that you get the experience you intend and getting a locker is an illustration of this design sensibility.

To add a roster of design classics to your office space, there are Lockers for sale that have both style and substance that would render them noteworthy for a good number of years. While a few can be deemed investment pieces, many are reasonably priced examples that good design is attainable, and form and function can definitely exist side by side.

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