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Group Bus Tours

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Group Bus ToursI live in the US and sometimes take trips with our ski club or with our adult school. Many of them are day trips (to see an art exhibit or something of the sort), but others are longer trips, up to a week. I can tell you a few things about bus rental from my experience.

There are no national bus companies in the US, so which company you use would depend on where you’re starting from. Almost all of group bus tours our groups have made are from companies that also run local transit. For instance, there is a bus company in our area that provides public transport in several towns, and also links various towns. This company has provided buses and drivers for most of our trips.

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Almost all of the trips I’ve taken have been handled by a travel agent, especially the longer trips. Since both of the groups I travel with are non-profit organizations, and since they definitely try to make sure they get 100 cents’ worth out of every dollar, I doubt that using a travel agent adds much to the cost. A travel agent also would be invaluable for arranging hotels for a large group.

How large is your group? What are the main stops you want to make? Train travel is very cheap in the US, and it may well be cheaper than renting a bus. Not only do you have to pay the driver, you have to feed him and put him up in the hotel. If you drive more than a certain number of hours within a certain number of days, you need two drivers.

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I don’t think any bus company would mind if you asked for an estimate before making a commitment. I don’t think anyone except a bus company can give you even a remote idea of the cost. I don’t know of any company that puts their costs online, because there are too many variables.

Some charter buses can hold 55 people each. If there are not enough people who sign up for your charter route, your deposit may be refunded to you, otherwise, your deposit is non-refundable. I encourage each of you to encourage others to sign up for the charter on your route! Most charter bus drivers cannot drive for more than ten hours per day. Hotel, not campground, lodging is required for charter bus service overnight. In DC, hotel lodging will be required, and it is the group’s responsibility to pay for the driver(s)’s rooms. Most hotels will “comp” the driver rooms for bus tours. Hotel group rates are being negotiated right now nationwide, along every convoy route. Once a charter bus is fully reserved by deposit, that charter group would be automatically blocked into medium level room blocks along the route.

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We did the 7hr Yukon rail & bus tour in September and loved it. We had a couple with us who had been to Alaska four times before, but doesn’t get on cruise critic. The man argued with me that we could do a tour like I was explaining to him, but I showed him all the reviews and so they booked to go with us. He just raved about the tour and our guide, Amity. He said it was one of the absolute best excursions he’d ever done (not just in Alaska) and now has joked about me booking their excursions for their QM2 cruise in September. I told him to give me his credit card, and I’d fix him right up.

The bad news is that we only had 2 rainy days – when we were in Sitka and Icy Strait Point.
The good news is that the other days were dry but mostly cloudy – we did have beautiful sunshine when we did the White Pass Rail/Bus trip in Skagway – the sunshine was on the return bus trip.
The other day with beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures was the day we were sailing through the inside passage.

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The only time we actually felt chilled was in the rain with a very cold windand both times it was when we were waiting to catch a tender to return to the ship, otherwise we were fine. My advice is to dress in several layers and they you can take off and put on as appropriate for the conditions!

We had a wonderful trip and I hope that you do too.

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Orlando Hotel Specials

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Going on a vacation for fun is not just for kids. We try to find some place where we can also relax if we’re not into theme parks or its rides. With the budget getting a bit tight, we still want to somehow enjoy our vacation with the family. The kids would really love going to their favorite theme park. There are specials for Orlando hotels that may fit the budget. We will still be able to give our young ones a great time while we relax in the amenitites provided by the hotel or ride with the kids in the park.

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Vacation near the Mountains

Monday, September 6th, 2010

If you live in the city, it would be quite a relaxing experience to have a vacation near the mountains or near a lake. It would be a big change in the environment that you are used to. You can also bring your family and enjoy the entertainment in town. Taking a Branson vacation may be what is needed to get that needed rest and relaxation. It’s quite an experience to be away from the hustle and bustle in the city and just be in a serene place from time to time.

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Branson Vacation

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

We need to unwind and go out of the house once in a while. It may be with friends or with family. It can also be an opportunity to look into some designs that you can use at your own house. If your family or friends like live entertainment, you may want to see some Branson vacation packages. They also have outdoor recreation that the family may love. The scenic lakes can be a wonderful view if you like to just wander around and enjoy the sites.

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London Rentals

Monday, February 8th, 2010

There are lots of places a person might want to visit and some of those places are in London. It’s a good way to spend a bit of time somewhere and see the sights. There are London vacation rentals where a person or where people can stay. It’s quite fascinating to see Buckingham palace and watch the changing of guards. It’s very different from where we are and seeing the different culture might be exciting. You might learn and taste something different about them everyday. I wonder what kind of dishes they like to serve?

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Cool Vacation

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

We spend a lot of time at home and try to improve it with new furniture ideas, new flooring or mats and other things to make it more comfortable staying in. But there are times that we should just try to relieve our stress out of the comfort of our homes. Summer is just around the corner and what better way than to go to a real cool place and enjoy the snow. It’s not all the time that you get to enjoy ski vacations. A bit of time off may improve your health and of course relieve your stress.

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