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United Airlines Reservations

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

I have flown United several times from the east to the west coast, never international. It is my favorite airline and the service and food is above average. United has a great mileage program — MileagePlus, and on a trip of that length, you’ll rack up a number of them!

My sister have flown United in the States and internationally and she said the service has always been great; even better than what she expected for the international flight when compared to Northwest and Delta. She is satisfied most of the time. She is the one who recommended United Airlines reservations to me.

I have flown for years and my absolute worst experience was with American. We had an encounter with the rudest airline employee I have ever met while flying American. Twenty people were left stranded in O’Hare airport and this employee made it clear that her supervisor was “forcing” her to stay late to make hotel and flight arrangements for us. The flight they put us on the next day was a prop-plane that should have been retired a decade ago. I have never had to take a plane that old with United, or been lectured because the person was being “forced” to work. I am not a person to complain, but looking back I should have written a letter to American.

I used to always fly American but switched to United in the last 4-5 years. I flew United out to Seattle three summers ago and had a great flight and wonderful crew. I did not fly with American again to last summer when I went to Seattle on two separate airlines to use some free tickets. I was very pleased with United. My brother and I fly on a American flight. On both flights the crews were not very good and seemed to wish they weren’t working. It was a real change from our previous experiences. I don’t know if it was because of the labor contract negotiations or what.

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