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Toggle Clamps

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Toggle clamps are great. I have a couple of them but the only reason I do is because I stumbled upon a price I could not refuse (still not cheap). Being so costly, I’ve yet to fix them permanently on any one jig. Actually, toggle clamps have been around for quite some time and are used commonly in factories because of their fast and repeatable action. Toggles do suffer from needing to be adjusted to varying work piece thicknesses. It is really their fast action that is nice about them.

There are however all sorts of hold down clamping methods that are a lot cheaper. Just bend a flat bar and put a bolt with a knob though it. Just arrange it as a 1st or 2nd class lever, and you have affordable, albeit slow to set, hold downs. Cams are another way though these suffer from a very small work piece thickness range. Another one is to use a wedge which have a larger work piece thickness range but cannot apply large amounts of pressure.

There are lots of less expensive ways.
Toggle Clamps

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Different Scales

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

There are different weighing scales for different uses. We usually see the regular weighing scale or fitness scale for home use. There are also weighing balance or mechanical balances for laboratories or the big ones for shipping or warehouses. For fitness, it helps us with maintaining our ideal weight or tells us if we are to heavy or too light. For food, it helps in giving the measurements of each ingredient to be used and other uses are for monitoring the weight of shipments or boxes in order not to exceed the maximum load a vehicle can carry.

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Musical Instrument Speakers

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Playing music for a small group of people can be fulfilling and of course fun. Having someone play the guitar while the group is singing can help pass the time while enjoying different songs. There are also times when we would like to have a complete set of instruments playing like in band. Some instruments require their own amplifier and speakers. Connecting an electric guitar or bass guitar to good speakers like Eminence speakers will ensure the creation of beautiful music that is appealing to the ears. The right speakers for the instruments can provide great sound that is not lacking in substance.

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Mechanical Scale

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Some people have their own mechanical scale at home. They often check and record their weight. Sometimes they also check the weight of their baggage if needed. There are different scales for different uses. What we may usually see are portable scales, counting scales and kitchen scales. There are just some things that need measuring. Some even measure the weight of food when they want to cook for a certain number of people or they just want to get that perfect taste.

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Sunday, May 9th, 2010

We all see barcodes on the back of cans or supplies that we buy from the grocery or supermarket. They scan it with their barcode scanners like the Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner. When the computer reads the barcode or an item, it recognizes what item it is and its price. Barcodes help the computer recognize an item. They can also help in checking the supplies or the inventory. If you have a small store, the barcodes will help in keeping track of your inventory. You will know if you need some more supplies or not.

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Friday, January 22nd, 2010

There are a lot of books about home improvement and of course DIY textbooks. If you are wanting to create some shelves or do some work at the house, these books will help you with the basics. Of course there are also books that would give something a bit more advanced but for the average user, the basics are enough. If you are a handy guy, it would be easy for you to follow some instructions for maybe replacing a door or putting up some new cabinets. It would be fun especially if you like the work. It may also give you some new ideas on how to work on something if you’ve done that type of work before. Some of the books will also give ideas on how to design the house or where to put the furniture.

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