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Save Serious Money on Auto Repair

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Save Serious Money on Auto RepairLiving in Wilmington, Delaware area way back when in the 40’s to 50’s, many minorities were “locked out” of purchasing homes in nice neighborhoods, though all sorts of racist laws and a crooked real estate industry that segregated blacks and other minorities away from the middle class suburbs. So, unable to purchase a nice home for themselves, these people turned to automobiles for their status symbols. This legacy has kept up (not the racist real estate practices, but the believe that owning a nice car and taking care of it means “you’ve made it”) among the older generation. As such, auto repair shops are always packed, and people tend to take care of their rides, much more than in other places I’ve lived, like NJ or Philly. So yes, while I agree that no business start out of the gate pulling in mad cash, I have no concerns about the strength of the local auto mechanic needs.

As for doing it myself, I’m not interested in going back to school to learn to be an auto mechanic. I’d be interested in learning a little bit on the job, but I would be hiring mechanics to do the work, and I would run the business, make appointments, order inventory, all that jazz. Also, as new car sales dry up, people are going to be keeping their cars longer, and those cars are going to need work to keep running. And since there are many commuters living here, having a working car is often the factor between having a job or not having a job. Personally I think the vast majority of mechanics and auto repair places are horrible.I got into a fender bender in 1999, got the car repaired at an autobody place, but I had a little mechanical damage and had to take it to a dealership to get repaired. Within a few weeks my car developed a stutter, usually in second gear. I took my car to auto repair surprise az and they figured out right away that I had a bare spot on an ignition wire, and it was arcing into my engine block on occasion. The ASE certified technicians of Champs Family Automotive provides the best and complete diagnostics.  $100 later my car drove like new. Why did it take so long? That seems almost too easy.  My point is that if you can create a business with a good stable of of workers you will do quite well.  Does Arizona require annual inspections like PA does? I don’t work on cars, but I do computers, and I think a lot of the same general ideas apply.

Keep the customer informed.
Try to discuss the problems in a way that they understand.
Do a little extra like vacuuming the inside or washing the windows. When I work on home computers I always vacuum the inside, wipe down the case, and clean out the CPU fan, case fan, etc. Customers don’t even notice most of the time but those that do really appreciate it. A cleaned interior will be really noticeable to most people.

Make sure all of the cars are test driven before being returned. I swear to god that sometimes I receive a car back that hasn’t even been turned on after my repair was done. This makes me want to rant against mechanics that I’ve used, so before that happens I am out.  Also, think of courting local car clubs. Corvette, Camaro, import, BMW, muscle cars, anything you are qualified to work on. If you can attract business they pass it on, I promise. A friend personally pimp a local performance shop not just because they charge a fair price, but her girlfriend has taken her corvette there several times and she sees none of the condescending attitude and poor work that she gets at a lot in other places. But, she takes it to a Save Serious Money on Auto Repairplace that specializes in late model GM performance, and she’s treated wonderfully and she now goes nowhere else, even though it’s a fair bit out of the way. The place is immaculately clean, professional, and fast service. They’re always PACKED.

Oh, that reminds me. Be fair and nice to women! The GF has gotten lines such as “I dont expect you to understand…”, “Don’t worry your pretty head..” and the always lovely “Listen, Lady, I’m the expert…”


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Toggle Clamps

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Toggle clamps are great. I have a couple of them but the only reason I do is because I stumbled upon a price I could not refuse (still not cheap). Being so costly, I’ve yet to fix them permanently on any one jig. Actually, toggle clamps have been around for quite some time and are used commonly in factories because of their fast and repeatable action. Toggles do suffer from needing to be adjusted to varying work piece thicknesses. It is really their fast action that is nice about them.

There are however all sorts of hold down clamping methods that are a lot cheaper. Just bend a flat bar and put a bolt with a knob though it. Just arrange it as a 1st or 2nd class lever, and you have affordable, albeit slow to set, hold downs. Cams are another way though these suffer from a very small work piece thickness range. Another one is to use a wedge which have a larger work piece thickness range but cannot apply large amounts of pressure.

There are lots of less expensive ways.
Toggle Clamps

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Industrial Bearings

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Bearings allow the rotation between parts. The most common we see are those in the wheels in a bicycle. A more heavier use is for the wheels of a vehicle or some parts of an engine or motor. Industries especially those directly concerned with production, use industrial bearings everyday. They have a supply of thrust bearings, roller bearings or magnetic bearings used as back up in case of breakdowns.

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Plumbing Issues and Services

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Plumbing problems could be one of the most urgent emergencies every household may have to deal with. Problems like leaking pipes, water pressure issues, water line repair or replacement, faucet repair or replacement, slow or leaking traps, well repair, and many more could bring about a great headache to any homeowner especially when not fixed as soon as possible. To resolve this, it is recommended to deal with a reputable company like az plumbers that provide expert knowledge and high quality service. They provide services for homeowners with residential construction projects in all aspects of your plumbing issues as well as commercial plumbing needs.

When looking for a company providing plumbing services, the reputation of  a company and your trust in it are key. You get your money’s worth as you can see the quality not only on the exterior but on the long term as well.  With phoenix plumbers, you have an assurance of the value of after-service and that there is no shortcuts in the services they provide. As with other companies, it could be that taking shortcuts is always the easy way out, but it only provides short-term solutions that usually result in long-term headaches for either you or the service provider.

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Safety Glasses

Monday, May 24th, 2010

There are people who are good in renovating and repairing or are just good around the house. They are able to repair almost anything even if they are not professionals. In every repair, they always consider safety. We also must consider safety. There are manuals and tips that would always start with some tips on how to do some things without harming ourselves. They would give some tips on what to wear like safety glasses and boots. After the safety tips would be the tips on how to do a certain job which still considers the right way to do it. Better safe than sorry.

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