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Hardware and Industrial Supplies

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Trying to improve your own house can be a very big project. Though there are some who just do small improvement, there are others who are good with their hands and are able to renovate a room or a part of their house. The things that they need are the right tools and supplies for their project. If hardware or industrial supplies are needed, one can check out Reid Supply which has lots of different hardware available for renovation needs or if someone needs to add fans, ducting, airconditioners and even walls and windows. It would really be a big achievement when the project has been finished.

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Window Boxes

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Flowers and plants can make a house look and feel cooler. A little bit of green makes it look and feel more serene. There are some who like plants and flowers and add them to their surroundings. They have their own garden and sometimes they even add window flower boxes to every window in the house. The plants add more oxygen to their surroundings. It also adds beauty and color especially if they also have flowers.

Some houses have their own garden. The garden can be lined up with some garden window boxes where special flowers are put. The window boxes can be used to separate the different flowers in the garden or group them to make them look more presentable. Those who live in apartments or those who don’t have space for their own garden can have window plant boxes on their kitchen window or their bedroom window. The flowers can add beauty to the room and make it feel more alive aside from making the air cooler. It does not only add beauty in the room but also outside of it where it is placed.

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Friday, July 23rd, 2010

The kitchen is a part of the house that is often used, aside from where the TV or entertainment center is located. Sometimes it also takes a lot of beating because of cooking. Food is cut and prepared here and the dishes are also placed and washed here. After a time the countertop will look a bit old and worn out. With the use of new materials, there are countertops that are more durable and have a longer life.

More and more use granite countertops for their kitchen. Granite is very hard and quite durable. It’s scratch resistance quality is also perfect for use in the kitchen. It does not only improve the looks of the kitchen but is also quite economical. The kitchen will look as good as it was first installed. Since it is scratch resistant, it will not be obvious that it has been used for a long time. Good materials and fabrication techniques can be found at granite countertops Richmond. If unsure of what to put in the kitchen, professionals can be consulted in order to get the right product or top for the kitchen.

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Practical Paint-Based Faux Finishes

Monday, November 30th, 2009

If you have the luxury of time and a huge budget, it’s better to have genuine surface materials. However, if you’re a little low on cash or can’t wait for a time-tempered natural finish to occur (antiquing, for example), take heart, a little cheating won’t hurt. Faux finishes are almost as good as the real thing!

Don’t know where to start? Check out these paint-based faux finishes below.

Antiquing and Verdigris

Antiquing and Verdigris1
This mimics the patina that metals acquire over time. The natural greenish-bluish tones of verdigris can be duplicated when a piece of metal or plastic is exposed to heat and combined with acids. The trick is to apply the layers in uneven arbitrary patches for a more natural look.


faux marbling

This age-old classic finish emulates various natural marble veins, including carrara marbling which involves dipping a thin brush in black gaze and sweeping a softening brush in light, random strokes to create the characteristic marble pattern. Serpentine marbling, on the other hand, is achieved by rubbing oil paint on a surface using a tissue paper.

Faux Bois (Fake Wood)

Faux Bois
The subtle grains and lines of wood furniture or surface can be easily recreated. If done well, you can even replicate the book matching veins and knots of expensive wood veneers.

Paint Spattering

This easy and popular finish employs tiny paint dots in a variety of colors for a rich yet effortless-looking surface accent on walls. The “spattering” effect is achieved by thumping a loaded paintbrush (or old toothbrush against a screen for small surfaces) against a stick to spatter it in different directions.


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Do’s for the Client-Designer Relationship

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

A good client-designer relationship is the key to the project’s success. If you have found the right interior designer for your home, remember these pointers to produce your dream interior:

inte1. Do build a foundation of communication and trust. As in any relationship, constant feedback, listening, and trusting each other pave the way to great synergy. Think of the project as collaboration where the first few meetings will be focused on getting to know each other. As you interact more, you will start feeling more comfortable. Make that extra effort to start things right and ignite a productive chemistry between the two of you. Lay the groundwork for mutual trust, respect and professionalism from day one.
2. Do set your meetings in Advance. So you want the project done in time for your fabulous birthday bash? Then plan your house ahead, too. Meetings between you and the designer are vital to keep things moving at the right pace. Decisions are sometimes delayed not because of a lack of information or indecisiveness, but rather because of a lack of a common time to discuss and decide. Setting these meetings in advance at proper, regular intervals (usually weekly meetings are ideal) allows both parties to adjust their schedules.
3. Do communicate with pictures ad material swatches. Briefing your designer using descriptive words like “modern, soothing and casual” is a good starting point. But don’t stop there; collect pictures from magazines, material swatches or samples, and other visual and tactile references. Show what you like and what you don’t like, as design is subjective and words can mean different things to different people. Do your homework, and provide your designer with concrete visual and tangible references.

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