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Getting Wine Out of Cow Hide Rugs

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

cowhide rugA cowhide rug can be a great accessory for many homes and buildings. While cowhide rugs are very durable and easy to clean, a wine stain may require some extra work to remove. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to remove win stains from cow skin rugs.

When cleaning a cow hide product, it’s important to understand that some chemicals can damage the hide. It’s important to avoid very acidic or basic cleaning agents. These include bleach, acetone, peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and sodium carboxide. Cleaners with a very high pH level will dissolve the amino acid bonds in the cow hide. If a cleaner with a very low pH is used, it will bleach the cow hide, creating lighter-colored sections.

If wine is spilled on a cow hide rug, it’s important to clean it up as soon as possible. Using a dry paper towel, dab the area where the wine was spilled. Try to avoid pressing the liquid into the cow hide rug: This will make it significantly more challenging to remove any stain.

Once all liquid has been removed from the rug, apply a 5:1 mixture of water and baking soda directly to the stained area. If possible, try to make sure that the baking soda mixture is warm. This will help to lift the stain out of the rug.

Allow the baking soda mixture to sit for at least five minutes. Once five minutes are over, dab up all liquid using a dry paper towel. It’s still important to avoid grinding any liquid deeper into the carpet. Repeat this process until the baking soda mixture remains clear.

Another effective way to get a wine stain out of a cow hide rug is through the use of a steam cleaner.

A steam cleaner uses regular water to clean. By applying steam directly to the site of a stain, it’s possible to “lift” the stain out of the rug. In many cases, steam cleaners are an excellent way to ensure that there isn’t any residue left behind. In addition, most steam cleaners are less likely to cause discoloration.

By cleaning a cow hide rug immediately after a spill, it’s usually possible to reduce the risk of a permanent stain. If a rug has multiple stains on it, it may be a good idea to hire a professional cleaning company. A professional cleaning company has access to specialized tools and cleaning agents that can thoroughly clean a cow hide rug without the risk of damage.

cowhide rug

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Playing with Game Consoles

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

There are diffeent game consoles available for a gamer. Some even have 2 or 3 different types of game consoles. There may be games that a gamer like specifically for a type of game console which is why he or she has different types. The games also have gone through a lot of upgrades and improvements. Racing games show so much detail on each car inside and out. There are also first-person games like Dead Island which make you feel a bit like being in the game and not just controlling the character. There are also games that feature different sports or exercises to help a person keep fit while enjoying a physical game. With the improvements done on each game, playing with game consoles are much more fun and lively.

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Lovely Over Sized King Quilts

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Decorating your house should not just create a statement but should, at the same time, allow you to lounge and relax. Think, then, of the untapped ability of decorating your personal sanctuary or bedroom to create your desired mood. Your bedroom is where you can calm your senses and emotions to rejuvenate you from a stressful day. This is a perfect place for you to think, feel, meditate and dream. Your bedroom should be an embodiment of equal parts of sophistication, playfulness, comfort, and visual experience that is delectable yet far from precious- stimulating your senses while inviting you to just relax and put your feet up.

Your bedroom’s tones should be refreshing and soothing, totally encapsulating your love for relaxation. Lovely oversized king quilts are a great addition to your bedroom displaying sophisticated style sensibilities that mix with your family’s love for easy living. Quilts amazingly give all possible rich touches, and suggest the strongest flavor to an informal room. Patterns and colors interpret the rich code instantly, pulling the eye from whatever is mediocre in the room.

Comfortable over sized quilts are available in floral or prints that are so beloved in a Country home design. There are also refreshing plain shades of neutrals that are compatible with modern contemporary home design. Quilts can indeed set the tone of your bedroom and the option and styles are endless. Keep in mind that your choice of quilts should follow the general theme of your home and bedroom. Ultimately, find one that will add warmth and exuberance to your place of sanctuary so you can feel very much at home with sophistication.



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Entertainment Center

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Every home has a TV. I guess it’s one of the things that we think of putting in the house for our enjoyment. If it’s not the TV that’s always used it’s the radio or sound system which helps us relax while we are on the bed or on the couch. Most of us would also want the whole home theater system that would really make watching movies an enjoyable experience. The only problem now is where to put the system. The TV and home theater system can be put on an entertainment center. Some of the entertainment centers are designed to fit in the home theater system of have separate towers for the speaker system and also act as a shelf for other things like decorations or discs. Others are designed with their own shelves where lots of other things can be stored. Others are like cabinets so that the speaker system is hidden and are opened only when needed. The entertainment center can save space at home and also would improve the looks of the gaming room or bedroom.

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Games at Home

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

When we get home we try to relax and sometimes entertain ourselves. We have radios and TVs and books to keep us from boredom on those days when you have nothing to do or have lots of time to relax. Others would like to start up their computers and surf or play computer games while other would turn on their game consoles and play games like xbox games. Everyone has their own way of passing the time at home. It’s a way to relieve stress at home especially after experiencing a tiring week. It’s also one way to keep the kids busy in their room so you can either play with them or do something else like reading or watching your favorite show or movie.

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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

We all have our own dream homes but sometimes we don’t really think about how it’s going to look like or how much space we need. It’s just when we are expecting to raise a family or add a baby that we start to think of where the baby would stay or how much more space we need or how we can baby proof some of our things. It’s kinda exciting when you’re expecting and you start to think of things that would go in that room. I guess the only thing left is to welcome the baby. Most probably the grandparents and some other relatives would like to meet the baby and of course see the new room. Some baby announcements can be sent to them so there would really be a happy welcome when mother and baby comes home.

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Practical Paint-Based Faux Finishes

Monday, November 30th, 2009

If you have the luxury of time and a huge budget, it’s better to have genuine surface materials. However, if you’re a little low on cash or can’t wait for a time-tempered natural finish to occur (antiquing, for example), take heart, a little cheating won’t hurt. Faux finishes are almost as good as the real thing!

Don’t know where to start? Check out these paint-based faux finishes below.

Antiquing and Verdigris

Antiquing and Verdigris1
This mimics the patina that metals acquire over time. The natural greenish-bluish tones of verdigris can be duplicated when a piece of metal or plastic is exposed to heat and combined with acids. The trick is to apply the layers in uneven arbitrary patches for a more natural look.


faux marbling

This age-old classic finish emulates various natural marble veins, including carrara marbling which involves dipping a thin brush in black gaze and sweeping a softening brush in light, random strokes to create the characteristic marble pattern. Serpentine marbling, on the other hand, is achieved by rubbing oil paint on a surface using a tissue paper.

Faux Bois (Fake Wood)

Faux Bois
The subtle grains and lines of wood furniture or surface can be easily recreated. If done well, you can even replicate the book matching veins and knots of expensive wood veneers.

Paint Spattering

This easy and popular finish employs tiny paint dots in a variety of colors for a rich yet effortless-looking surface accent on walls. The “spattering” effect is achieved by thumping a loaded paintbrush (or old toothbrush against a screen for small surfaces) against a stick to spatter it in different directions.


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Creativity Stimulating Hues for your Kids

Monday, June 8th, 2009

To stimulate a growing kid’s mind and encourage creativity, paint his/her room with bold, bright primaries—punchy red, sky blue, lime green. Get your kids’ creative juices flowing with hefty dose of red. Red is associated with passion, desire and creativity, and is often very attractive to kids, regardless of gender.

red roomkids roomgreen room

Lime green accents are a fun addition. Bring some yellow to further stimulate your kids’ minds. Yellow according to color therapists, is the color of creativity and communication because it activates the brain and nervous system.Hues

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