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Westerville Homes For Sale

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

If you’re looking for a place in this area (the best part of Westerville¬†btw), then congrats, because you’re almost done! He is honestly the only realtor¬†service you will need.

My my friend and his wife searched all over their favorite (and not so favorite) parts of Westerville to find a new home, and if you’ve ever done that, then you know how frustrating and time consuming the process gets. Other realtors and brokers will take you around to view dozens of Westerville homes for sale, making it seem like they’re doing a lot of work, but in fact they’re just wasting time looking at their cell phones while you’re left wondering if they even heard a word you’ve said about what you are looking for. Enough about them though…

Westerville homes for sale

What you will get from this realtor is someone who listens, understands, relates, then finds you the place you’re going to love living in.

My friend and his wife didn’t spend a whole weekend browsing nightmares, because the realtor asked the right questions. He listened and understood what my friends wanted, then showed them just one house that was perfect for them. They went for the place, the owners first had some understandable concerns about my friends finances, but the realtor went to bat for my friends, set up a meeting so the owners could meet my friends, and they of course ended up getting the house they were dreaming of.

Westerville homes for sale

To top it off, the realtor follows up to see if my friends are still liking our place and the neighborhood. Yes to all those, and Yes to having the best broker in Westerville!

They loved their experience with the realtor. Having dealt with a handful of other brokers and realtors in the area, my friend had a bad taste in his mouth walking into any broker’s office. But the realtor completely changed my friend’s view of the whole house hunting experience. My friends said the realtor was so helpful, completely straightforward, and just an all around good guy. He never pressured my friends to make a decision or to sign paperworks. My friends said that the realtor was a delight to work with and you won’t regret it!

Westerville homes for sale

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Deals on Steel Buildings

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

It may be a little costly building even a small structure nowadays but there are still those who invest in them especially when they need a shop or storage place. If they were building a small workshop or a big warehouse, it would be better to have the construction finished at an earlier time so it can be used at once or sold at once. The structure should also be durable that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. The steel or metal buildings are perfect for this. There is a steel buildings clearance that will also provide additional savings.

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Silver Eagles

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

There are people who have coin collections of gold and silver. They have different coins like American silver eagles, silver rounds and silver kilos. They know when these coins were made and when it was circulated. Some even have coins that were made several decades ago or those that were not circulated or used. These coins are their pride and joy but they can also be used as an investment for future use or for emergencies.

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