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Building Cost Estimator

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

house cost estimatorI never thought that I would be satisfied using an online estimating application service provider on the internet, but after having remodeled our house I had a great urge to share with others of the wonderful building cost estimator. It was recommended to by a Master Estimator that have been using it for years with great accuracy and results. It provides the most secure, accessible comprehensive, affordable, detailed home cost estimate, which very easy to use and very fast. It is useful to the construction markets, professional home design and most especially to consumers.

You can get the cost of building a house or the cost of remodeling your house right at your home on your computer.  The contractor and his team just completed the interior remodel of my home.  We contracted him back in May when we were purchasing our home and after getting a remodeling estimation cost using the building cost estimator app.  At the time my wife was pregnant and very concerned with timing and making sure we could move into the new home ASAP to prepare for the baby.

house cost estimator

The contractor promised us a time frame that was very aggressive (we have a friend who is a contractor out of town and told us that he did not believe in the team of our contractor  that would meet the time frame by months). They did in fact meet the time frame (I think he actually beat it by a week).  His guys were on site every day (including some holidays and weekends) and he also visited the project site on a daily basis.  They did great work, and in the few cases when we didn’t feel the work was up to par, he was always responsive and brought his subcontractors out to fix the work.  My family has dealt with house remodelingremodels before and it has always been a stressful process between the huge time delays, unexpected costs and usually the invoicing/payment process is confusing.  We didn’t run into any of these issues with our contractor – his contract and invoices were clear and organized, he was always on time and although unexpected items came up (as they do when you open up walls and find things you were not expecting) he worked with us to minimize the un-budgeted costs and was very fair.  They aren’t the cheapest contractor out there, but they have good value, good construction, very responsive and with a hassle free project. They are wonderful!  We are actually planning to use them again for a remodel of the outside of our house (as soon as we can afford it!)

living room


Music Room design

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Toggle Clamps

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Toggle clamps are great. I have a couple of them but the only reason I do is because I stumbled upon a price I could not refuse (still not cheap). Being so costly, I’ve yet to fix them permanently on any one jig. Actually, toggle clamps have been around for quite some time and are used commonly in factories because of their fast and repeatable action. Toggles do suffer from needing to be adjusted to varying work piece thicknesses. It is really their fast action that is nice about them.

There are however all sorts of hold down clamping methods that are a lot cheaper. Just bend a flat bar and put a bolt with a knob though it. Just arrange it as a 1st or 2nd class lever, and you have affordable, albeit slow to set, hold downs. Cams are another way though these suffer from a very small work piece thickness range. Another one is to use a wedge which have a larger work piece thickness range but cannot apply large amounts of pressure.

There are lots of less expensive ways.
Toggle Clamps

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Bathroom Vanities

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

When we think of the bathroom, we think of how we can get ourselves clean with a nice shower and maybe warm water in the tub. We would like to get whatever is possible for our own baths. Sometimes we just add or replace some things like bathroom or tub faucets, cabinets and mirrors. All of the things that is needed or can be added to a bathroom can be found at There are even air tubs, jacuzzis and whirlpools that can be placed and enjoyed in the bathroom for a better bathing experience. Whatever it is that a bathroom will need can be found there, even lighting fixtures that would complement or fit nicely into the whole design of the bathroom.

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Atrium Windows Reviews

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Proper lighting is a very important element of modern contemporary homes. To do away with bulky shades or eye-stopping switch plates, it is best to let natural sunlight come in to your home by strategically positioning your windows and patio doors. The airiest look would be the best look for your home. Large windows and large panes  can function as great decorative elements in your home especially if your outdoor area is full of lush plants and tress. To achieve this, you need to make sure that your windows and patio doors are operating at peak performance.

Whether you are looking to construct, remodel or replace your windows or doors, atrium windows reviews provides helpful information for residential vinyl and aluminum windows and patio doors for single and multi-family projects, as well as replacement and new construction product lines. If your home has a modern contemporary theme, Atrium offers products that evokes of the crisp, uncluttered feel that can be bought at competitive prices, depending on your specific needs. They also carry select markets with other brands that offer quality products such as  Champion, North Star, Superior, and Thermal Industries.

So, if you are looking for optimum craftsmanship that will withstand the test of time, atrium windows reviews is a great source of information to assure you that you are getting only the highest standard of service and products from extrusion to fabrication. In addition, Atrium also complies with the Energy Star criteria in all climate regions assuring you that you are getting easy care and energy-efficient products. With many selections that they offer, you are sure to find pieces that will complement and extend the beauty of you home. Keep in mind that whatever your choose, it ought to be in a color that mimics your wall to keep the eye moving, in keeping to your modern, contemporary style.




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Hardware and Industrial Supplies

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Trying to improve your own house can be a very big project. Though there are some who just do small improvement, there are others who are good with their hands and are able to renovate a room or a part of their house. The things that they need are the right tools and supplies for their project. If hardware or industrial supplies are needed, one can check out Reid Supply which has lots of different hardware available for renovation needs or if someone needs to add fans, ducting, airconditioners and even walls and windows. It would really be a big achievement when the project has been finished.

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An Additional Room

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Having an additional family member can be exciting but there should also be some preparations as to where he or she will be staying especially when the baby grows up. It may be possible for some houses to add an additional room. In some cases, an extension is added to the house as long as the property or land allows it. In other cases, the room is added on the second floor if there is a big space from the first floor to the ceiling. It may not be easy to renovate part of the house but with a little imagination and a good architect, it can be done.

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Friday, July 23rd, 2010

The kitchen is a part of the house that is often used, aside from where the TV or entertainment center is located. Sometimes it also takes a lot of beating because of cooking. Food is cut and prepared here and the dishes are also placed and washed here. After a time the countertop will look a bit old and worn out. With the use of new materials, there are countertops that are more durable and have a longer life.

More and more use granite countertops for their kitchen. Granite is very hard and quite durable. It’s scratch resistance quality is also perfect for use in the kitchen. It does not only improve the looks of the kitchen but is also quite economical. The kitchen will look as good as it was first installed. Since it is scratch resistant, it will not be obvious that it has been used for a long time. Good materials and fabrication techniques can be found at granite countertops Richmond. If unsure of what to put in the kitchen, professionals can be consulted in order to get the right product or top for the kitchen.

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Fiberglass Home Improvement

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

A contemporary looking home sends a message of the state-of-the-art taste. It is the look of the cutting edge which is linear. The aim is to achieve unbroken, smooth, architecturally faithful lines in the look of a whole room. If you want to achieve this look for your own house, you could get ideas from Richmond Home Improvement. The contemporary look relies on unblocked vistas which is why glass is so important, and you could get Fiberglass Doors Richmond VA to achieve that.

The proper flow of light is a very important element of a contemporary look as well. Try for the airiest look by using Fiberglass Windows Richmond VA and  keep it uncluttered with no heavy draperies. The best look is either unadorned windows or hard-edge blinds. Also remember that to decode a contemporary look, the unbroken look is optimum, punctuated only occasionally with light colors that blend with simple floor. Look around and get a lot of ideas to achieve the best look possible.

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Richmond Home Improvement

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Bring your house to life by using some redecorating skills and techniques, making it a lively arena where guests can converge, converse, and unwind in each other’s company. Remember that when updating your style, update even the items that are more functional than decorative. The design of every single item in your home rounds out the overall look of the place.

Richmond Home Improvement has many great ideas to help you make your home a better place to live. You can update the feel of your home by adding Vinyl Replacement Windows Richmond that allow for friendly interaction with neighbors, and also open up the house to warm sunlight.  These windows are also built to provide energy efficiency, beauty and comfort. Fiberglass Doors Richmond VA are also a great addition as they  obscure boundaries, blending the indoors with outdoors. Fiberglass Windows Richmond VA will also serve your house well, adding to the neat,uncluttered feel, without interrupting the flow of light air and energy. Stripped down to simple geometry, these pieces will definitely make your place a well-planned home, exuding clean and cool.

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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

We all have our own dream homes but sometimes we don’t really think about how it’s going to look like or how much space we need. It’s just when we are expecting to raise a family or add a baby that we start to think of where the baby would stay or how much more space we need or how we can baby proof some of our things. It’s kinda exciting when you’re expecting and you start to think of things that would go in that room. I guess the only thing left is to welcome the baby. Most probably the grandparents and some other relatives would like to meet the baby and of course see the new room. Some baby announcements can be sent to them so there would really be a happy welcome when mother and baby comes home.

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