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Chromium Contamination

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Chromium is a naturally occurring heavy metal that is commonly used in industrial processes and can cause severe health effects in humans.

There have been very few times that I have worked with companies that are up-front, positive, and work hard to please their customers. This was one of those times. Very happy. Professional and fast. They gave me full info on the procedure and the costs, from the initial contact on the phone. No surprises; nothing hidden. They emailed me their insurance coverage info immediately, upon my asking.  They helped me find a time that worked for me – they were very flexible and worked around my schedule. When the workers got there they were all very hard-working – they worked with a great sense of urgency all while remaining personable and very easy to work with. If you have chromium contamination or if you need any toxic stuff removed from your home, office, apartment, etc etcetera – I would absolutely recommend. They were a delight and I will be using them the next time I need stuff removed.

chromium-contaminated field in Kanpur, India

Lifesavers!  Wonderful combination of meticulous and caring, this amazing team. Made the process easier, simpler, faster and so very thorough that I don’t know how to thank them. They set-up very careful containment areas, worked with us to phase it all in so we could live in part of the house while they worked on other parts. The proposal detailed the scope of work clearly, and they went above and beyond on making sure all areas of work were clean and completely free of dust and debris at all times.


They shared their expertise and experience with us, was very helpful with pointing out discoveries, and confirmation and documentation of contamination presence with photos during the process of removals. They provided us with technical details of what to specify to our contractor for the repair work in terms of long-term prevention of any contamination, and this was invaluable in making the reconstruction process efficient as well.


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Soil Gas Testing

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

As some of the others have said, these guys took a very scientific approach to the inspection.  Donald did our inspection and was very thorough and patient.  I peppered him with questions throughout the 3 hour process and he was knowledgeable and amenable to answering all my queries.

I like that these guys understood the science behind soil gas testing, VOCs, pollutants, and mold are well versed in scientific journal articles, in addition to the standard building construction knowledge.

how radon enters house

The air sample and mold sample reports that came back were very detailed and compared our sample against thousands of others that the lab analyzes every year.  I talked to quite a number of different air quality vendors and glad went to the best one.

Soil-gas sampling measures the gas contained in the interstitial spaces of the soil, as opposed to directly sampling the soil matrix, above the water table.

Active soil-gas collection methods (as opposed to passive soil-gas sampling) involve pulling a vapor sample from a temporary or permanent probe inserted in the soil into a collection or analytical device. Samples are then transported to a laboratory, or in some cases they are analyzed on site.

Exterior soil-gas sampling is a screening tool used to rapidly and cost-effectively identify and delineate certain volatile contaminants in the subsurface. It is often used to ascertain the source, extent, and movement of pollutants, but it is not a substitute for groundwater sampling.

Sub-slab soil-gas sampling, where samples are taken though holes in buildings concrete slabs, is used to determine the potential for vapor intrusion. In some cases sub-slab samples are taken to determine whether to test indoor air, while in others it is conducted concurrently with indoor-air sampling to evaluate whether the subsurface is the source of indoor contaminants.

There are several types of soil-gas sampling instruments, including:

á    The Vapor Pin® is a one-of-a-kind, patented, re-useable sub-slab soil gas sampling device designed for the environmental consulting community. Traditional sub-slab soil-gas sampling methods are time consuming, expensive, and prone to leaks. Cox-Colvin designed the Vapor Pin® specifically to eliminate many of the problems associated with traditional sub-slab soil-gas sampling methods.

Vapor Pin Vapor Pin

á      Air-tight syringe. This is used to pull vapors from the soil matrix. The syringe is used to withdraw a soil-gas sample from a probe and inject it directly into an analytical instrument for on-site analysis. Some regulatory agencies require that samples collected by this method be analyzed within a few hours.

soil gas testing soil gas testing

á      Tedlar¨ bag. This requires a pump to pull the vapors from the soil. Regulatory agencies may require that samples collected by this method be analyzed within 28 to 48 hours. Bagged samples can also be drawn into sorbent tubes, which in turn undergo laboratory analysis.

Tedlar Bag

á      Glass bulb (or tube). This has openings at each end, with one end having a valve where samples can be withdrawn with a syringe. The vapor sample is collected by connecting one end of the bulb to the probe and the other to a pump. The advantage of glass bulbs is that the glass is inert; also they are easy to use. The limitations of the glass bulbs are that they break easily and can leak contaminants through the valves. Sample holding times for glass bulbs are usually no more than 24 hours.


soil gas testing

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Chimney Sweep

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

I’ve just had Golden’s Good Air at my house and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Absolutely spot on bloke and definitely saved my bacon. Turned up at very short notice. They definitely are one of the nicest and most courteous you can deal with. Dealt with my problem very conscientiously. Very well priced for the job they did. An absolute pleasure to deal with and have no hesitation in recommending Arizona chimney sweep.  Golden’s Good Air is one of Arizona’s top rated chimney sweep services and has an excellent AZ BBB rating.

chimney sweep

Or you can do it yourself. Some friends used a “bomb” that they bought from a local hardware store. You put it in the fireplace, make sure that the opening into the room is ready to be closed off, then light the thing and shut the door. Block the opening. All the soot is broken off by this thing and dumped in the fireplace. Don’t do as they did, and open the fireplace too soon after application, as all the muck had not settled! An industrial vacuum is needed to get rid of the stuff, but these are easily hired.

I suggest that you close all door and windows to the room, leaving them open may cause soot to be drawn into the room.

Dust sheets to the floor area, the ones with the spill protection would be best.Tape dust sheets to the walls, floors(use masking tape) leaving just a small opening for the rods to be added, also insert a vacuum cleaner hose to suck up most the dust, gradually clean the flue by adding more rods and pulling/pushing the brush, keep going till it goes stack and if possible get someone else to go outside and look to see if the brush has popped out of the chimney stack, when the complete length of flue is brushed, slowly withdraw the rods wiping them as they are drawn out of the dust sheet seal, once all the rods are out and your left with just the brush in the fire place, do nothing for ten or so mins and have a cuppa, make sure vacuum isn’t over heating.


If you leave the room make sure you’ve no soot on your clothes that may fall off as you leave the room, to clean up tap the dust sheet so most the dust falls off it, then un tape the bottom of the sheet and slowly empty the fire place of soot, it’s very light and dusty so will blow about if you’re not gentle with it, onec you’ve removed the majority of the soot, peal the tape from the walls and fold the sheet in over it’s self so the dusty side is wrapped inside, roll up and place in a bin bag and set aside on the floor sheet. Make sure all the vents are closed otherwise your smug thoughts at how easy it is to clean compared to an open fire are quickly dispelled when you go back into the house and see soot everywhere.


Vacuum the remaining soot from fireplace including fire back and sides, beware of the direction that the cooling fan on the vacuum is blowing.

Vacuum any soot from your overalls and remove all dust sheets from room, wrapping rods and brush in the floor sheet.

Shake out all dusty things with the wind in the right direction, with your neighbors property in mind.

Wear overalls and dust mask and when adding/removing rods keep a good seal on the sheet.

I’m not a sweep but have used this technique many times without the need to clean the whole room afterwards.

chimney sweep

I have a friend who shared a story about a Spanish guy who delivers my logs from the village asked him last autumn if he wanted the chimney swept. As it had not been done for years he said ok. He said he would bring a friend to help and some special thistle. That roused his curiosity. A few days later Paco arrived with Manolo and out of the back of his pick-up truck he pulled a large bunch of gorse. Manolo climbed up on to the roof and lowered a rope down the chimney. Paco tied the gorse to the rope and this was duly pulled up and down til soot was piled up in the hearth. So simple and effective but am not sure if gorse could handle 2 right angled bends.

With all these stories, please keep in mind that chimney sweeping is not just about running a brush and rod up a chimney. There is a lot more to it than that. Knowledge regarding the different constructions of chimney flues and fire appliances is required. It is better to have the job done by experts like Golden’s Good Air.

Chimney Sweep

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Rehab Centers

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Drug alcohol rehab treatment centers help those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol get out of their addiction. Treatment centers have different ways in solving these problems and getting to the right center may be the fastest solution for recovery. San Diego drug treatment centers focus on different types of treatment and a lot of times the treatments are personalized depending on the type of addiction a person has.

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Nurse Uniform

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Every hospital and clinic has nurses and doctors that wear similar uniforms and scrubs suits. These uniforms are designed to have less places where dirt can hide. With less dirt, there is less bacteria and germs that can stay on the shirts and scrubs. Though the uniforms are similar, they may have different designs and colors. The doctor and nursing uniform in some schools and hospitals have some parts that are unique for that school or a printed design that shows which department a person belongs to. Some clinics also have their own designs especially those who are taking care of little children. The scrubs and nursing uniforms they use have prints that can be liked by children and help them get closer to kids.

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DNA Health Test

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

DNA testing was always used as a way to identify a person or to verify the identity of the person. It may prove that a person is related to someone or not. Now it is not only for legal purposes but it is also a way to check if a person is prone to some diseases. The DNA testing health and medical conditions will be able to help a person identify the diseases he or she is prone to acquire. With this knowledge, the person will be able to take some steps or change his or her lifestyle to help fight or prevent the occurence of the disease.

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Rack Sack Bags

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

We try to keep the house clean to keep an healthy environment especially when there is a baby or toddler around. Part of everything we buy becomes waste like wrappers and leftovers. We need something like rack sack bags to keep the trash that we have from being left all over the place. It can help us keep the place tidy and clean. It would also be easier to take the trash out. The trash bags can also be closed or put in its container so that germs and bacteria from inside does not escape or are kept inside the bag.

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Keeping the Tub Clean

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

There are some homes with their own bath tubs or spas. Dipping in hot water is one way to relax and clean the body. But the tub is not always used and has to be kept clean. If it’s going to take a while before it’s going to be used again, there are spa covers that can be used to keep the bacteria out. It is nice to relax in a and clean tub that is always ready when you need it.

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Getting Ready for Summer

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Every summer we see people at resorts and beaches enjoying their fun in the sun. But not all are confident with playing in the water in their swim suits. They usually go on a diet to get back their figures and ideal weights. They usually start their diet programs early in the year or do regular workouts until before summer. For faster results, some take diet pills that work for them in order to get their ideal weight with less of the workouts and exercises. There are lots of diet programs that help in reducing weight. It is better to know which one will work for you.

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Massage Therapy Online

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

More and more people are able to take advantage of the courses offered online. Different institutes offer different courses in different fields. A person can log in at any time and get educated in a massage therapy program online or in any other health course or in any other field that an online institure offers. It’s more convenient than attending conventional classrooms and trying to fit it in your schedule. With online education, the schedule is patterned to your availability.

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