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Heating and Cooling in Indianapolis

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Two months ago, my friend used heating and cooling in Indianapolis when their AC stopped cooling and they refilled the unit with Freon.  She called them and they we’re the most polite. Speaking with the receptionist alone convinced my friend in getting their unit finally repaired and maintained. They sent a tech that was more nicer then ever. The servicer knew what he was talking about when he saw my friend’s old unit. He had all the tools and skills for this job. Within a few minutes the servicer had diagnosed the problem and offered a solution. The servicer was very thorough and explained everything to my friend and the repair went as he said it would.  He also provided a free service cleaning of the unit.  It turned out it had a leak. (The servicer did warn my friend before replacing the Freon that the servicer couldn’t tell if it had a leak and if they added the Freon it might not work.)

There was a leak and because it happened so quickly the servicer replaced the freon free of charge and he said that he will try to repair the leak (& advised my friend to replace) even if is such an old unit (1990) and the leak somewhat large. Since my friend is not the homeowner she wasn’t gonna do that.  Their landlady ended up getting it repaired by heating and cooling in Indianapolis after a few days. They can fix things that honestly shouldn’t be fixed, since she didn’t want to replace the AC. It actually is still working, shockingly. I’m sure these guys would do well with any AC unit from this century.


I would definitely recommend calling heating and cooling for your AC repair needs. Great job guys. You guys deserve the five stars for sure.

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Air Conditioner Repair Phoenix

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Air Conditioner RepairIs it just me or do newer AC units break down more? At work we have buildings with really old units and they just keep chugging along but the ones with new units need to be serviced all the time. We had both new units dump their glycol load all over one of our data centres, like a week apart! AC fail followed by high temp then followed by fire alarm is something that will sure wake you the hell up when working night shift. The glycol created a haze in the air which then triggered the fire alarm.  And about 2 seasons ago, cold air stopped coming from our home AC unit, but the fan was still working. Had someone come out and take a look at it, and they said the capacitor went bad, so we had it replaced and cool air started flowing again until. We enjoyed cool AC for about a year, then the AC again stopped working. Had the same guy come out and look at the AC unit and he said this time the problem was a bad compressor. He said it is still under warranty but that labor to replace the compressor would be well over $1000.

Since that price seemed quite high, we had air conditioner repair Phoenix come out to examine the AC unit and give us a repair estimate as well as an estimate for replacing the entire AC unit. He said if we could get the compressor replaced under warranty, he could fix the AC for about $750. When asked how much a new unit would cost (we have a Trane – for a 1350 sq ft house), he said he could get an equivalent model new and installed for around $1400-$1600. To save money, I just had the AC repaired by Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating and it still runs like a brand new unit up to now.  It’s a big job as they need to bleed the system out and collect the refrigerant, desolder (debrase?) the compressor to change it then braise new one in and refill. But 1k still seems a little steep for that. We have stopped working with some other companies because their prices went through the roof and we felt our customers were taken for a ride. Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating been doing it a long time and are very honest. My office building where we were quoted $10k to replace most of the outside unit, had Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating give a second opinion, turned out it was a $300 clogged pipe issue. At home just a few weeks ago Action Air came out and charged me almost $600 to do five minutes of leak detection and 55 minutes of trying to convince me why I’d be better off replacing my entire R22 system for $6500. I had forgotten to call Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating since I hadn’t needed him for a few years. They ultimately quoted $2000 plus labor to just replace the evaporater coil, would need several hundred more in R22, he was able to do the whole job for $1400. Would have saved a few hundred more if I had remembered to call him first.

Air Conditioner Repair

I run the AC all summer long. Temps get to be in high 90s to say under 105 or so. House is 2 stories, so it gets especially hot upstairs. About this time of year, I’m not feeling the need to run the AC… it’s only around 85-89 degrees or so, and I can open the window and be okay. But maybe starting sometime in May through late Aug/early Sept, I’m using the AC daily starting in the mid-afternoon and overnight, mainly because I have a retired family member at home during the daytime.

At work (it’s like a mix of office and retail, not manufacturing or anything) we have 4 Trane package unit heat pumps, all 5 ton R-410a units and less then 5 years old. One blew a compressor, a second sprung a refrigerant leak at a joint that was caked with flux, and a third both had a bad bearing on the blower and had the tube going to the TXV attached in such a way the loop in it was rubbing against one of the main lines and actually wore a hole clean through the copper. The compressor might just be ‘stuff happens,’ but both leaks were bad workmanship.


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Yamaha 76 Key Keyboard

Friday, November 29th, 2013

I am a novice piano player, but for the price, this electric piano is fantastic. It works perfectly with Mac Garage Band (download Yamaha Mac drivers). The grand piano sample sounds like a real piano. The led display helps with reading notes. There are 300+ samples, fun for the my nephews, and fun for me. It has a a nice resistive feeling between a real piano and a synth. The lower octaves have a heavier feel compared to the higher octaves. For the serious novice or the pro that needs a nice inexpensive portable, the yamaha 76 key keyboard with usb connectivity at musicians friend is a super bargain. In no way does this machine feel cheap. Yamaha created a wonderful machine, with the greatest respect for those on a budget.Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano

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Clean Hard Drive

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Been using System Mechanic for two months now to get a clean hard drive. I pretty much left it alone except that I unchecked my recycle bin (want to handle that myself). I just let it do what it wants. I have yet to ever have a problem and my computers (I have 3) still run great. Beware of programs that offer free scans and then want you to buy the program before you can see if they are any good.

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Secure Wallet

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Contactless credit cards and identification cards are used widely. It makes it easier for vendors to get your information and do faster transactions because they can quickly scan your card. There are also passports that have RFID chips so it will be easier for authorities to get the needed information from a distance and therefore do faster processing. The only problem is there is also the possibility that other unwanted or unauthorized people can get that same information as long as they have the right scanning equipment. There is a risk of identity theft and payment fraud. If important contactless cards or passports need to be brought or used, an RFID passport wallet can be useful in keeping your information private. It can block the signals that can be read from the card or passport and keep your personal information away from unwanted people.

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New Amplifier

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

There are players and musicians that have been playing for years. Their instruments may have gone through a lot of songs and they may have made a lot of music. But there will always be a need to upgrade or replace some of the instruments and amplifiers that are always being used especially if in a band. There are instruments and amplifiers like the Ashdown Amplifiers at Musicians Friend that may be the replacement equipment that they need to continue making beautiful music. It is also quite a welcome when new equipment is being used like a bit of excitement trying to create new music.

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Studio Equipment

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Having your own little studio can have its perks. You can create your own music, play your own style of music and save them on a disc or create a sample of it. But there are still things that are needed in the little studio like UA studio equipment that can complete the necessary things needed in the little studio. With complete equipment, you can create the music you want and also invite friends to play music with you.

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Musical Instruments

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Sources of inspiration are all around us from a grand gesture of generosity to the simplest smile of innocence- we just need to take time to look and listen. In the same way, music is an inspiring, joyful experience and an artistic sanctuary all in. Enhance your love and talent with music with top-of-the-line Musical Instruments of good quality, design, and innovation at reasonable prices. Music can even become the focal point of interest in your own house that you can enjoy with family and friends.

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Audio Tools

Friday, June 1st, 2012

We all see different musical instruments played by a band or an orchestra but there are also other audio tools that aid in recording and editing of different sounds coming from different media. These tools are seen in commercial studios but there are also some enthusiasts and musicians that have some kind of tool for recording or editing their music. Some of the tools are smaller versions of those seen in studios. They are also able to create their own little studios and are able to create their own set of music. People can buy Digidesign audio products to create their own studios. Some products are compact or small enough to be brought anywhere that recording can be done while on a gig or in a party. So much has been improved that we are able to do live recordings and also do editings wherever we are.

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Universal Remote

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Almost every home applicance has its own remote control. Our entertainment system may have come with a TV, home theater sound system and Blu-ray player and each of them has its own remote control. What if a cable box was added to the whole system which also has its own remote. It will be a whole lot better if there is one remote control that would be able to control every part of the system. There are different universal remote controls like the Logitech universal remote control that may be able to control every part of the system. Once the remote control has been programmed, it will be much more convenient holding just one remote instead of trying to find out which one will control the part of the system you want.

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