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Update your Home Accents and Design

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Modern contemporary home design, like comfort and beauty, does not always come in expected and recognizable forms. Scale, rhythm, and proportions are often realized in startling forms. The look of modern contemporary style has smooth and unbroken linear appeal. To foster this, fabrics are usually solid shades or quiet tone-on-tones that are softly textured. To delineate areas for dining, entry or sleeping, rugs are placed to also add a grand touch of art on the floor.

The texture of accents is important to prevent monotony in the modern contemporary home style and so are occasional accent colors in the living room to make an interesting focal point. The textures are supple and sumptuous. If you have a good eye, you can update your home accents and design and add a classy carpeting that takes on radiance from shining mirrors in your modern contemporary conversation area.

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Very Classic and Contemporary

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

When decorating your house, remember to incorporate some of the emblems of the recognized classics of your selected style. If you want to achieve a classic contemporary look for your house, take note that there are specific furniture forms that symbolize the very essence of this home design.

The dominant color of a classic contemporary house is a neutral wheat wherever the eye falls. It makes for a pleasing, monochromatic appeal, broken only by varying shades of earth color. The windows can be covered with hard-edge blinds or wonderful curtains that will either keep out the night or let in the light. The airy curtains permit the entrance of light, but still give privacy and conceal the fading effects of the sun on the heavier fabrics in the room. In addition to this, the sumptuous textures and colors of the curtains can warm up the look of a classic contemporary house which has the tendency to look cold and austere. Curtains can indeed provide style and comfort in many incarnations.

The uncluttered appeal of a classic contemporary bedroom on the other hand is achieved by the clean look of architecturally pristine walls with a stunning bed. The look of the room can be softened by adding fine bedding from like comforter and a lush throwover that can relax you and lull you to sleep after a stressful day.

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Painted Plates

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

We are used to having plates that are plain white or have some designs on the side. The plates for toddlers or babies even have pictures on it. It may be to make them eat more or have fun while eating. Some have plates with their own photo as decoration and is placed in the living room. A hand painted plate can be fun to use. The plate could also be used as a guest book where wedding guests sign with a special pen. The signed plate can be used as decoration or could also be used for eating. The signatures would of course be permanent on the plate and would be food-safe.

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Richmond Home Improvement

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Bring your house to life by using some redecorating skills and techniques, making it a lively arena where guests can converge, converse, and unwind in each other’s company. Remember that when updating your style, update even the items that are more functional than decorative. The design of every single item in your home rounds out the overall look of the place.

Richmond Home Improvement has many great ideas to help you make your home a better place to live. You can update the feel of your home by adding Vinyl Replacement Windows Richmond that allow for friendly interaction with neighbors, and also open up the house to warm sunlight.  These windows are also built to provide energy efficiency, beauty and comfort. Fiberglass Doors Richmond VA are also a great addition as they  obscure boundaries, blending the indoors with outdoors. Fiberglass Windows Richmond VA will also serve your house well, adding to the neat,uncluttered feel, without interrupting the flow of light air and energy. Stripped down to simple geometry, these pieces will definitely make your place a well-planned home, exuding clean and cool.

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Ceiling Fans

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

The house may seem cluttered at times and to lessen the clutter, some appliances are mounted on the walls or ceiling. The new TV can be wall mounted so there will be more floor space. The lamps can either be on a side table or can also be mounted on the wall. There are also some cabinets that are mounted near the ceiling above the counter where utensils can be kept. It also is a way to save some space in the house. Fans like the Minka Aire fans are mounted on the ceiling to lessen the need of stand fans or desk fans. There are also ceiling fans that have their own lamps so it will also light up the room aside from cooling it down. There are different designs of fans that would make the room brighter and make it a bit classy.

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Monday, February 1st, 2010

We always try to improve our homes. It may be just adding something here and there or renovating some parts of it to make it look different or modern. Sometimes, others really don’t notice the change but feel different somehow. There was a time when we went to a friend’s house and their floor was lined with wood. I’ve gotten so used to it being there that when I went back there I didn’t notice that they already took it apart and it showed white clean tiles. It only occurred to me at that time when I was thinking there was something different with how the whole room looked. It did become an improvement and somehow it looked cleaner. Maybe because each tile was so white and clean which somehow gave the whole room a different feel. It’s also easier to clean because it seems like the dirt are easily swept with a broom or some cloth.

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Redecorating Tips

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

indoor treesSome redecorating skills and techniques can indeed transform the simplest of any space into a home tucked inconspicuously into its lush tropical setting. Break barriers with interesting furniture finds, auspicious touches, and a nice contrast of elements in your space.

A merry inventory of furniture with feminine, classy silhouettes is indeed a dream home you can call your very own. Illumination is indeed a particular focus in each space. Adapt  a romantic and voluptuous feel by accenting indoor silk trees in the dining area.  Find an epicenter of so much vibrant activity that the interiors demand an amplified personality to stand up to all the excitement. What saves the interiors from being nostalgically typecast is the mix of styles in each space. A neutral shag for example, and a an antique coffee table combined with silk palm trees will make a modern look which is a homage to a modern woman who is pretty comfortable with her own daring style. Update your space with silk trees to bring a cool, calm, refined feel.

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Practical Paint-Based Faux Finishes

Monday, November 30th, 2009

If you have the luxury of time and a huge budget, it’s better to have genuine surface materials. However, if you’re a little low on cash or can’t wait for a time-tempered natural finish to occur (antiquing, for example), take heart, a little cheating won’t hurt. Faux finishes are almost as good as the real thing!

Don’t know where to start? Check out these paint-based faux finishes below.

Antiquing and Verdigris

Antiquing and Verdigris1
This mimics the patina that metals acquire over time. The natural greenish-bluish tones of verdigris can be duplicated when a piece of metal or plastic is exposed to heat and combined with acids. The trick is to apply the layers in uneven arbitrary patches for a more natural look.


faux marbling

This age-old classic finish emulates various natural marble veins, including carrara marbling which involves dipping a thin brush in black gaze and sweeping a softening brush in light, random strokes to create the characteristic marble pattern. Serpentine marbling, on the other hand, is achieved by rubbing oil paint on a surface using a tissue paper.

Faux Bois (Fake Wood)

Faux Bois
The subtle grains and lines of wood furniture or surface can be easily recreated. If done well, you can even replicate the book matching veins and knots of expensive wood veneers.

Paint Spattering

This easy and popular finish employs tiny paint dots in a variety of colors for a rich yet effortless-looking surface accent on walls. The “spattering” effect is achieved by thumping a loaded paintbrush (or old toothbrush against a screen for small surfaces) against a stick to spatter it in different directions.


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Do’s for the Client-Designer Relationship

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

A good client-designer relationship is the key to the project’s success. If you have found the right interior designer for your home, remember these pointers to produce your dream interior:

inte1. Do build a foundation of communication and trust. As in any relationship, constant feedback, listening, and trusting each other pave the way to great synergy. Think of the project as collaboration where the first few meetings will be focused on getting to know each other. As you interact more, you will start feeling more comfortable. Make that extra effort to start things right and ignite a productive chemistry between the two of you. Lay the groundwork for mutual trust, respect and professionalism from day one.
2. Do set your meetings in Advance. So you want the project done in time for your fabulous birthday bash? Then plan your house ahead, too. Meetings between you and the designer are vital to keep things moving at the right pace. Decisions are sometimes delayed not because of a lack of information or indecisiveness, but rather because of a lack of a common time to discuss and decide. Setting these meetings in advance at proper, regular intervals (usually weekly meetings are ideal) allows both parties to adjust their schedules.
3. Do communicate with pictures ad material swatches. Briefing your designer using descriptive words like “modern, soothing and casual” is a good starting point. But don’t stop there; collect pictures from magazines, material swatches or samples, and other visual and tactile references. Show what you like and what you don’t like, as design is subjective and words can mean different things to different people. Do your homework, and provide your designer with concrete visual and tangible references.

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Do Magic by Painting your House

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Give new life to old things with a coat or two of paint.

paintbrush canIn these lean times, many of us are looking for ways to save money. But cutting costs shouldn’t stop you from making your house beautiful. There are many hidden treasures around your home just waiting to be discovered. All you need is a paintbrush in one hand, a can of paint in the other, and a weekend to complete any of these instant makeover projects.

Go over your house, room by room, and gather the knick-knacks you’ve collected over the years. Don’t toss them! Now instead of letting them collect dust, paint these all in sophisticated white and display it freeform-style on a bookshelf or small side table. You’ll be surprised at how these items (even the tackiest ones) will look interesting again!


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