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Clean Hard Drive

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Been using System Mechanic for two months now to get a clean hard drive. I pretty much left it alone except that I unchecked my recycle bin (want to handle that myself). I just let it do what it wants. I have yet to ever have a problem and my computers (I have 3) still run great. Beware of programs that offer free scans and then want you to buy the program before you can see if they are any good.

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Website Builder

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Some people like to write stories that may be made up or are about personal experiences. Some are very good at writing their blogs that they are able to catch the attention of a lot of readers. A lot of them use free websites to post their blogs or write-ups. Others create their own websites and use website builders like IM creator to design and set things up. With the templates available, a website can be designed easily without much help and a lot more time can be dedicated into creating their stories and writing down their opinions and experiences.

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CD Duplication

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

There are some events that we want to somehow always remember or go back to. We have camcorders that are able to record different events that we may be involved in like parties, plays and concerts. There are times that the recorded events are also given to different people. There may be a benefit concert that a lot of people are involved in and would like a copy of the recording of the event or a party or recognition done at the office where lots of colleagues and employees are given copies. There are CD duplication packages that make it easier to create copies for other people. If the event is about a ballet concert done by little children, of course the proud parents would like a copy of it and it would be better if the copies are given faster with good quality.

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Slow Computer

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

It’s very frustrating when the computer is slow and we usually feel and notice that it’s slow when we have a project to finish or something that needs to be done quickly. It is normal for a computer to run a little slower than when bought brand new especially after a lot of programs have been installed but we don’t want it to crash or work too slow especially if it is being used for work. We want to know how to speed up computer start ups and programs. There are lots of tips we can find through the internet like defragmenting from time to time or keeping files on a different disk but there are programs that do the maintenance for you. Having a program that will maintain the computer will be an assurance that it will not become too slow especially on critical periods when reports or processes are needed.

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Friday, March 30th, 2012

There are some instances when a meeting is being held by top company profiles but some are not able to attend because of pressing issues within their own company or base of operations. Their solution is by conferencing which before was done only by phone. This time, there is a web conferencing solution that will allow people from different locations to hold a meeting while seeing each other. There are times that it is important to see who you are speaking with when doing business and being able to report issues and connect to colleagues. People want to see each other and are more confident that they are doing business with the right people when they see them. Conferencing has given businesses a chance to hold meetings with different branches while saving some time, effort and money with less travel time and costs.

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Medical Carts

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

So much has been improved by technology. We see computers and laptops being improved and updated every so often that their applications have become numerous. Even hospitals have medical equipment that monitors heartbeats with a clip placed on the finger. So many monitors have been created that even the slightest change in a part of the person’s body can be monitored. Not only are the computers improved but also their mobility for certain applications like the healthcare carts that can be used for emergencies. There are carts with their own power supplies that can be removed from the outlet and brought to the bed of a person in need. A very useful tool for helping those in the emergency room and even outside of the clinic or hospital. Such advancements in technology can really help those in need.

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Video Conferencing

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Video conferencing is becoming more and more used in meetings. It has become an essential tool for meeting people who are in different locations faster and easier. The need for a person to travel across the country or to another part of the globe has been solved with the use of video conferencing. A lot of companies use the services of online companies like MegaMeeting video conferencing to easily start up their online meetings with the right equipment and software. With faster setup, communication between companies in different areas are also established faster.

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Constant Contact

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

The internet is a great way to advertise and market a product or service. A company offering some kind of product can get through to a lot more people across the globe e-mail marketing aside from putting up their own website. A way to build contacts is with the help of experts like constant contact. With their tools and support, a small company can create professional looking newsletters and also help connecting to customers. With more connections, more business is welcomed.

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Massage Therapy Online

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

More and more people are able to take advantage of the courses offered online. Different institutes offer different courses in different fields. A person can log in at any time and get educated in a massage therapy program online or in any other health course or in any other field that an online institure offers. It’s more convenient than attending conventional classrooms and trying to fit it in your schedule. With online education, the schedule is patterned to your availability.

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Computer for the House

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

These days, almost every household has its own computer. It’s a way to always be connected to friends and loved ones who are far away or overseas. It’s also a tool that can be used for entertainment, research and work. There are different computers that can be used at home. There are computers that can have different applications suitable for a person’s lifestyle. There are desktop computer reviews online that could help in searching for a desktop computer perfect for the home.

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