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Building Cost Estimator

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

house cost estimatorI never thought that I would be satisfied using an online estimating application service provider on the internet, but after having remodeled our house I had a great urge to share with others of the wonderful building cost estimator. It was recommended to by a Master Estimator that have been using it for years with great accuracy and results. It provides the most secure, accessible comprehensive, affordable, detailed home cost estimate, which very easy to use and very fast. It is useful to the construction markets, professional home design and most especially to consumers.

You can get the cost of building a house or the cost of remodeling your house right at your home on your computer.  The contractor and his team just completed the interior remodel of my home.  We contracted him back in May when we were purchasing our home and after getting a remodeling estimation cost using the building cost estimator app.  At the time my wife was pregnant and very concerned with timing and making sure we could move into the new home ASAP to prepare for the baby.

house cost estimator

The contractor promised us a time frame that was very aggressive (we have a friend who is a contractor out of town and told us that he did not believe in the team of our contractor  that would meet the time frame by months). They did in fact meet the time frame (I think he actually beat it by a week).  His guys were on site every day (including some holidays and weekends) and he also visited the project site on a daily basis.  They did great work, and in the few cases when we didn’t feel the work was up to par, he was always responsive and brought his subcontractors out to fix the work.  My family has dealt with house remodelingremodels before and it has always been a stressful process between the huge time delays, unexpected costs and usually the invoicing/payment process is confusing.  We didn’t run into any of these issues with our contractor – his contract and invoices were clear and organized, he was always on time and although unexpected items came up (as they do when you open up walls and find things you were not expecting) he worked with us to minimize the un-budgeted costs and was very fair.  They aren’t the cheapest contractor out there, but they have good value, good construction, very responsive and with a hassle free project. They are wonderful!  We are actually planning to use them again for a remodel of the outside of our house (as soon as we can afford it!)

living room


Music Room design

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Air Conditioner Repair Phoenix

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Air Conditioner RepairIs it just me or do newer AC units break down more? At work we have buildings with really old units and they just keep chugging along but the ones with new units need to be serviced all the time. We had both new units dump their glycol load all over one of our data centres, like a week apart! AC fail followed by high temp then followed by fire alarm is something that will sure wake you the hell up when working night shift. The glycol created a haze in the air which then triggered the fire alarm.  And about 2 seasons ago, cold air stopped coming from our home AC unit, but the fan was still working. Had someone come out and take a look at it, and they said the capacitor went bad, so we had it replaced and cool air started flowing again until. We enjoyed cool AC for about a year, then the AC again stopped working. Had the same guy come out and look at the AC unit and he said this time the problem was a bad compressor. He said it is still under warranty but that labor to replace the compressor would be well over $1000.

Since that price seemed quite high, we had air conditioner repair Phoenix come out to examine the AC unit and give us a repair estimate as well as an estimate for replacing the entire AC unit. He said if we could get the compressor replaced under warranty, he could fix the AC for about $750. When asked how much a new unit would cost (we have a Trane – for a 1350 sq ft house), he said he could get an equivalent model new and installed for around $1400-$1600. To save money, I just had the AC repaired by Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating and it still runs like a brand new unit up to now.  It’s a big job as they need to bleed the system out and collect the refrigerant, desolder (debrase?) the compressor to change it then braise new one in and refill. But 1k still seems a little steep for that. We have stopped working with some other companies because their prices went through the roof and we felt our customers were taken for a ride. Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating been doing it a long time and are very honest. My office building where we were quoted $10k to replace most of the outside unit, had Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating give a second opinion, turned out it was a $300 clogged pipe issue. At home just a few weeks ago Action Air came out and charged me almost $600 to do five minutes of leak detection and 55 minutes of trying to convince me why I’d be better off replacing my entire R22 system for $6500. I had forgotten to call Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating since I hadn’t needed him for a few years. They ultimately quoted $2000 plus labor to just replace the evaporater coil, would need several hundred more in R22, he was able to do the whole job for $1400. Would have saved a few hundred more if I had remembered to call him first.

Air Conditioner Repair

I run the AC all summer long. Temps get to be in high 90s to say under 105 or so. House is 2 stories, so it gets especially hot upstairs. About this time of year, I’m not feeling the need to run the AC… it’s only around 85-89 degrees or so, and I can open the window and be okay. But maybe starting sometime in May through late Aug/early Sept, I’m using the AC daily starting in the mid-afternoon and overnight, mainly because I have a retired family member at home during the daytime.

At work (it’s like a mix of office and retail, not manufacturing or anything) we have 4 Trane package unit heat pumps, all 5 ton R-410a units and less then 5 years old. One blew a compressor, a second sprung a refrigerant leak at a joint that was caked with flux, and a third both had a bad bearing on the blower and had the tube going to the TXV attached in such a way the loop in it was rubbing against one of the main lines and actually wore a hole clean through the copper. The compressor might just be ‘stuff happens,’ but both leaks were bad workmanship.


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Hardware and Industrial Supplies

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Trying to improve your own house can be a very big project. Though there are some who just do small improvement, there are others who are good with their hands and are able to renovate a room or a part of their house. The things that they need are the right tools and supplies for their project. If hardware or industrial supplies are needed, one can check out Reid Supply which has lots of different hardware available for renovation needs or if someone needs to add fans, ducting, airconditioners and even walls and windows. It would really be a big achievement when the project has been finished.

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Deals on Steel Buildings

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

It may be a little costly building even a small structure nowadays but there are still those who invest in them especially when they need a shop or storage place. If they were building a small workshop or a big warehouse, it would be better to have the construction finished at an earlier time so it can be used at once or sold at once. The structure should also be durable that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. The steel or metal buildings are perfect for this. There is a steel buildings clearance that will also provide additional savings.

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Sleepeezee Beds

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

At the end of the day, we all want to relax in a cool, spare, and harmonious room in our house to take away all our cares. Everyone needs a room or at least a personal breathing space. The bedroom is a place in your house where you and your spouse have the space to rediscover each other, where your children have room to grow, and where you can truly be at home.

A well-planned bedroom can be achieved to make the space a personal sanctuary. Even if the space is limited, you can make the layout rectilinear yet organic, create an act of blurring boundaries, and in a clever twist skirt the use of walls or dividers without sacrificing privacy. Straight lines can serve the room well, adding to the neat, uncluttered feel, without interrupting the flow of light, air, and energy. And to top it all, choose the Sleepeezee beds which is the center of attraction of your bedroom.

Sleepeezee beds can mix your sophisticated style sensibilities with the family’s love for easy living. Its key feature is the luxurious pocketed spring system which contours perfectly to the shape of your body providing independent support for you and your partner to ensure a perfect night’s sleep.  Sleepeezee is a remarkable brand that make quality bed and is regarded with a reputation for craftsmanship, design, quality and innovation. Spruced up in an aptly cool bedroom, you are sure to have your own piece of paradise every time you go to sleep with Sleepeezee beds.  For more information you may visit

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Window Boxes

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Flowers and plants can make a house look and feel cooler. A little bit of green makes it look and feel more serene. There are some who like plants and flowers and add them to their surroundings. They have their own garden and sometimes they even add window flower boxes to every window in the house. The plants add more oxygen to their surroundings. It also adds beauty and color especially if they also have flowers.

Some houses have their own garden. The garden can be lined up with some garden window boxes where special flowers are put. The window boxes can be used to separate the different flowers in the garden or group them to make them look more presentable. Those who live in apartments or those who don’t have space for their own garden can have window plant boxes on their kitchen window or their bedroom window. The flowers can add beauty to the room and make it feel more alive aside from making the air cooler. It does not only add beauty in the room but also outside of it where it is placed.

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Friday, July 23rd, 2010

The kitchen is a part of the house that is often used, aside from where the TV or entertainment center is located. Sometimes it also takes a lot of beating because of cooking. Food is cut and prepared here and the dishes are also placed and washed here. After a time the countertop will look a bit old and worn out. With the use of new materials, there are countertops that are more durable and have a longer life.

More and more use granite countertops for their kitchen. Granite is very hard and quite durable. It’s scratch resistance quality is also perfect for use in the kitchen. It does not only improve the looks of the kitchen but is also quite economical. The kitchen will look as good as it was first installed. Since it is scratch resistant, it will not be obvious that it has been used for a long time. Good materials and fabrication techniques can be found at granite countertops Richmond. If unsure of what to put in the kitchen, professionals can be consulted in order to get the right product or top for the kitchen.

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Keeping Clean

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Part of taking care of our homes is keeping them clean. We clean and disinfect every part of the house especially when there are kids around. If it’s been a while since the last general cleaning, it may be time for starting now. Although it’s just cleaning, some improvement can be seen. To help with cleaning, you may use some spray disinfectant to help sanitize and disinfect floors, walls and other things in the house. Sleeping and resting in a clean home feels more comfortable. You’re also a bit more assured that there would be less bacteria that the kids will be exposed to when inside the house.

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Richmond Home Improvement

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Bring your house to life by using some redecorating skills and techniques, making it a lively arena where guests can converge, converse, and unwind in each other’s company. Remember that when updating your style, update even the items that are more functional than decorative. The design of every single item in your home rounds out the overall look of the place.

Richmond Home Improvement has many great ideas to help you make your home a better place to live. You can update the feel of your home by adding Vinyl Replacement Windows Richmond that allow for friendly interaction with neighbors, and also open up the house to warm sunlight.  These windows are also built to provide energy efficiency, beauty and comfort. Fiberglass Doors Richmond VA are also a great addition as they  obscure boundaries, blending the indoors with outdoors. Fiberglass Windows Richmond VA will also serve your house well, adding to the neat,uncluttered feel, without interrupting the flow of light air and energy. Stripped down to simple geometry, these pieces will definitely make your place a well-planned home, exuding clean and cool.

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Gutters Virginia Beach

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

For years you have worked to give your family your dream home you can call your very own. At home, you can have the peace and quiet you yearn for after a long day at work. Wherever you are based, whether in a bustling city or a booming country destination, it is important to make sure that your house lasts by protecting it using gutters. Gutters Virginia Beach can help you install gutters quickly and efficiently. They also offer the only one-piece seamless debris shedding gutter on the market today that is an integrated system formed from one continuous piece of aluminum. Installing gutters is indeed a good investment that can make your house last a long time.

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